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Looking for snus? Buying snus is easy! Snushus is your reliable partner for high-quality snus! Order snus online now!


Buy snus on Snushus

On our site you can order the most popular snus varieties online and have them delivered reliably in Switzerland. With us you will find a large selection of snus products, whether it is loose snus, nicotine pouches, all white or nicotine-free CBD snus.

We also offer great savings and subscriptions so that you always have fresh snus available. When it comes to our products, we pay attention to good quality and high-quality ingredients.


What is snus?

Snus originally comes from Scandinavia and has a long history there. It consists of ground tobacco, water, salt and flavors. Traditionally, it was packaged loosely in metal cans, but now the product is also packaged in small bags that are simply pushed under the upper lip when consumed.

There are different formats to choose from, you can choose between loose, original, white portion, white dry portion or all white snus. All White Snus is a special variant because it contains nicotine, but no tobacco.


Who we are – Snushus

Snushus works with manufacturers and retailers from Sweden and we get our products delivered weekly so that you can only buy fresh products from us. We ensure fast delivery within Switzerland and strive to expand our range on a regular basis.

Our mission is to make snus accessible as the least harmful way to consume nicotine. In contrast to other tobacco products , snus has less harmful long-term consequences and is even more popular than cigarettes in the country of origin, Sweden. You can order snus from us online or buy it in one of our stores.


What brands do we offer?

At Snushus you will find all the well-known brands that are very popular among users. We pay attention to the excellent quality and flawless processing of the tobacco. You may notice that our shop has a selected assortment available, because we attach great importance to the freshness of our goods and fast delivery.


The top brands at Snushus include:

You can even find brands that don't come from Scandinavia, such as noble from Switzerland. Noble snus is available in different variants and exciting flavors.


What strengths do we offer?

Snushus offers you a wide range of strengths. We offer both mild strains with less than 8 mg/g nicotine and strong strains with more than 35 mg/g nicotine. However, you will not find brands with dangerously high amounts of nicotine such as Supreme Snus on our site, as we do not want to support the distribution of these products.

As a beginner and switcher, you should first opt for a mild variety, because the first use can lead to side effects such as dizziness and headaches. Some of the strongest snus varieties you can order from us include Offroad X WDP, Soldat Extreme WDP and Siberia Black and Red. On our website, the individual varieties are divided according to their strength.


Buy snus: Snushus is the right contact for ordering snus

We offer you the best varieties at fair prices and guarantee the fastest delivery in Switzerland. Ordering snus online has many advantages, because kiosks do not always have your favorite variety in stock and you can benefit from unique savings offers in our shop. For example, we have the 500 g snus boxes from Soldat , which you can get cheaper from us than from other manufacturers. In addition, the snus is much fresher here than at the kiosk.

Furthermore, you can take out a subscription on our site where you do not enter into any obligations. With our subscription, you get your favorite varieties delivered regularly at a distance of your choice and don't have to worry about your supplies. You can change or cancel the subscription at any time if you are not satisfied. So you always get fresh snus conveniently delivered to your home.