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Après No.1 Mentol is what you are looking for - menthol, which rises and leaves a fresh feeling on the nose and lips. Open the lid, lean back and enjoy the power of the Zermatt mountains.

Après is a premium brand from Stockholm, Sweden that strives to develop unique and refined flavors in a timeless design.
Our products exude innovation, beauty and quality.

The mission is to capture feelings and memories in style and clearly distinguish yourself from other alternatives. Everything to offer you an optimal experience and at the same time to protect the environment. Our products and packaging are made from plant-based materials.

All après products are developed and produced in Stockholm, Sweden.

We created Après as a premium brand where we strive to develop unique and refined flavors in a timeless design. Innovation, aesthetics and quality are the values ​​that guide us.

Snus type: All White
Strength: 3/5
Taste: Menthol
Nicotine content: 15 mg/g
Tobacco substitute per Can: 13 g
Pouch size: Slim
Pouches per Can: 20


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