Your advantages:

+ We take care of your snus supply!
+ Benefit from top prices!
+ Always get fresh snus!
+ Controlled snus consumption!

Snushus Snus subscription! Order once and Receive your favorite brands like Siberia, Odens, Makla, LYFT or edel on a regular basis.

This is what you need:

  • Snushus Account
  • Swiss Visa / Mastercard credit card or PostFinance Card
    Revolut / TWINT /Card unfortunately do not work

This is how it works:

1. In the navigation you will find the item "Snus subscription"
2. Select "Go to products"
3 in the selection menu. Now select your favorite products (you can also combine several products ).
4. On the product page you can now choose your desired interval, i.e. the regularity of your delivery .


Info: For subscription products, the price is not adjusted based on the quantity, but based on the interval. For ecological reasons, customers who get by with fewer packages are rewarded.
The quantity and price for subscription products is always given in individual doses.

So if you would like to receive 1 stock every 2 weeks, you select "Every 2 weeks" as the interval and select "10" as the quantity.

5. You can then add further subscription products to the shopping cart (or normal products - these are excluded from the subscription and only delivered once)
6. When checking out you have to select the payment method Mastercard, PostFinance Card or Visa.
7. After the usual input of your details , your subscription is completed and the first order has been placed .



What's next?

Your subscription configuration is saved in our system. Your stored payment information is encrypted and stored securely by our payment provider. Our system triggers the subsequent orders at your desired interval. Your saved credit card will be charged at the time of the order.

Is there a minimum term?

No - you do not commit yourself to any minimum term. You can cancel the subscription at any time - up to the time the order is placed again. You can easily do this in your user profile.


If you want to adjust your subscription, you can contact us via WhatsApp or phone +41 71 552 22 15.

Thank you for your loyalty in Snushus and have fun with your snus subscription!


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