From CHF 4.15
From CHF 4.15
From CHF 2.90
Arctic Freeze Ultra AW
From CHF 2.90
Cool Ice X-Strong AW
From CHF 2.90
Cool Ice AW Mini
From CHF 2.90
Spearmint Strong AW
From CHF 5.20
From CHF 5.20
From CHF 5.20
From CHF 5.20
From CHF 5.20
From CHF 5.20
From CHF 5.50
Grape-Mint AW
From CHF 5.20
From CHF 6.20
Alpächrütli AW
From CHF 24.90
Swiss Made All White Mix
From CHF 5.20
From CHF 8.40


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Discover our top snus brands at Snushus

At Snushus, we offer you a large selection of high-quality snus products. On our site you will find both strong products for experienced snusers and mild variants for beginners. You can also find nicotine-free and even tobacco-free products.

We show you how you can buy snus easily and reliably and what our top varieties are:

What types of snus do we offer?

Traditionally, snus is made with ground tobacco and packaged loose. At Snushus you will find a range of loose snus varieties, such as General Loose Extra Strong, which has been popular for years. Meanwhile, the pouch-packed variety is more popular, as the quantity is already pre-portioned and ready for immediate consumption. There are a few differences between the pouches, which we will briefly introduce to you:

Original Portion: Moist pouches and moist contents with an intense flavour

White Portion: Dry pouches with moist contents for a long-lasting flavour

White Dry Portion: Dry pouches with dry contents. This type of snus runs less when consumed and the flavour is retained for a long time

At Snushus, we have even more interesting formats for you. One type of snus that is becoming increasingly popular is the All White variety. Here, no tobacco is used, but the nicotine is extracted from the plant after harvesting and added to the pouches in liquid or solid form. You can easily recognise them by their appearance, as the nicotine pouches are completely white both inside and out. One advantage of this variant is that consumers do not have to worry about discolouration of the teeth or fingers.

Another new type of snus are products with CBD. Here, the use of tobacco or nicotine is completely dispensed with and CBD oil is used instead. CBD is a cannabidiol from the hemp plant that differs from the psychoactive substance THC. CBD snus does not contain THC and therefore does not trigger a feeling of intoxication when used. Cannabidiol is said to have a relaxing effect that can reduce panic and stress.

Our best snus brands

We have compiled a list of the best snus varieties for you. These include some classics that have been on the market for years, as well as a few new products that are always popular with our customers.


VELO is one of the most popular manufacturers of nicotine pouches without tobacco. The brand was formerly known under the names EPOK and LYFT.


Siberia is one of the strongest snus brands and is therefore only recommended for experienced snus users. The brand's products reach nicotine levels of over 40 mg/g.White FoxWhite Fox is another producer of white snus products. The brand primarily produces nicotine pouches with refreshing mint flavours.


Soldat is a classic among snus products. At Snushus you can buy the variety in a 500g box and save money.


If you are looking for local products, you should definitely try the edel brand from Switzerland. edel offers you tobacco-free and even nicotine-free products at unbeatable prices.


Thunder has been producing first-class products for years and has different variations on offer. For example, you can choose between OP, WDP and AW snus.


Cannadips manufactures products without tobacco or nicotine. CBD oil is used here instead. You can buy the pouches in different flavours.

Snushus - Snusing has never been easier

Snushus - Snusing has never been easierWith us, you can either order your favourite products online or buy them directly from our snus shop. We guarantee fast delivery at top prices. We also have a range of special offers for you, which are constantly updated on our website. You can even take out your own snus subscription with us and have the varieties of your choice delivered to you at regular intervals. At Snushus, we also offer mix packs with various items at reduced prices. These are particularly suitable for snusers who want to try new products.

Buy snus: Snushus is the right place to order snus

We offer you the best varieties at fair prices and guarantee the fastest delivery in Switzerland. Ordering snus online has many advantages, because kiosks don't always have your favourite variety in stock and you can benefit from unique savings offers in our shop. For example, we have the 500 g snus boxes from Soldat, which you can get cheaper from us than from other retailers. What's more, our snus is much fresher than at the kiosk.

You can also take out a subscription on our website without any obligations. With our subscription, you will receive your favourite varieties at regular intervals of your choice and don't have to worry about replenishment. You can change or cancel your subscription at any time if you are not satisfied. This means you always get fresh snus conveniently delivered to your home.

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