Snushus Vision

Snushus is not just a snus and nicotine pouches distribution business, it is also an advocate for harm reduction. Our goal is to provide Swiss people with more choices when it comes to quit smoking – with the ultimate vision to achieve a smoke-free Switzerland.

Currently, Switzerland lacks a total ban on smoking in public places and the beautiful alp country is for some reasons very liberal compared to other European countries when it comes to smoking regulations. Nonetheless, a first step towards harm reduction as a serious approach to reduce tobacco-related health costs was achieved in 2019, when snus was legalized.

With the recent legalization of snus, our commitment to achieve a smoke-free Switzerland involves providing high-quality products, superb customer service and the fastest shipping for snus and nicotine pouches on the market – all of this for reasonable prices, because the Swiss consumer has been paying too much and been waiting too long for such products over the last decade.

We are looking forward to supporting people in eliminating smoking – see you in a smoke-free Switzerland.

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Sehr schnell lieferung und super snus vielen dank und weiter so ! Toptoptop

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