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Not sure which Cannadips flavour is right for you? No problem - with this mix pack you can try your way through the Cannadips range and save money at the same time!

Cannadips hemp CBD pouches are all natural, discreet and fast acting with their highly bioavailable water soluble CBD. Free from THC, Tobacco & Nicotine!

All products are free from tobacco and nicotine and are based on coconut fibre. All varieties contain a CBD content of 18.75 mg/g.

Flavours range from discreet mint to exotic mango. 

This bundle contains:

1x Cannadips Natural Mint 
1x Cannadips Tropical Mango
1x Cannadips Fresh Wintergreen
1x Cannadips Tangy Citrus
1x Cannadips American Spice


Save 38% on the regular price when buying this bundle! 
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