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Would you like to try COCO snus? Then take a look at the Hus Mix we have created for you to find your favourite.

The COCO Mix offers a unique, exotic taste experience! Try all the smooth, coconut fibre-based flavours of COCO and enjoy the incomparable sensation. All COCO pouches have 20 mg/g nicotine. 

This bundle contains:

1x COCO Natural Mint
1x COCO Clean Peach
1x COCO Tropical Mango
1x COCO Blue Razz

Save 16% on the regular price when you buy this bundle! 
Is this bundle not for you? See if another mix pack appeals to you more.


For a quick release of nicotine and flavours:

1. Moisten the pouch by placing it on your tongue.
2. Once the pouch is wet, gently chew the pouch once. Be careful not to open the pouch.
3. Place the pouch under your upper lip and feel the intense flavour and rapid nicotine release.
4. Enjoy the kick for up to one hour

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