Neue Schwedische Studie über Risikominimierung mit Snus

A new study from Sweden found that the use of snus as an aid to smoking cessation is increasing markedly. The report was published by two Swedish researchers in the independent Harm Reduction Journal.

In the study, Tove Sohlberg (Stockholm University) and Peter Wennberg (Karolinska Institutet) looked at ex-smokers and found that more men than assumed use snus as an aid to quitting smoking. They also found out how many of these ex-smokers have used snus before:

Of the 705 people who took part in the study, 118 people said they used snus as an aid to quitting smoking. More than 80% said that snus was an important tool in the process of smoking cessation, while more than half said they wanted to keep consuming snus. Although this study shows that snus plays an important role in fighting the tobacco epidemic, the researchers stress that more work is needed in this area.

At Snushus, we think that Switzerland has made an important decision with the legalization of the commercial trade in snus in spring 2019. Harm-reducing products such as snus and nicotine pouches help to fight a widespread disease. Therefore, in our opinion, it is important to differentiate between different tobacco products when it comes to regulations and laws.

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