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How is nicotine-free snus made, what's in the pouches, and which brands offer snus without nicotine?


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On the snus market, there are always new products, such as All White Snus, which is completely free of tobacco, or now also a new alternative, namely snus without nicotine. We explain how snus is made nicotine-free, what effect it achieves and how you can buy the best brands o


What is nicotinefree snus?

In conventional snus products, the main ingredient is ground tobacco mixed with water, salt and flavorings. Since the tobacco plant contains nicotine, all tobacco products also contain nicotine. The snus nicotine content varies by variety, strong varieties can contain over 40 mg/g nicotine. So how does snus manage without nicotine? Nicotine-free snus uses herbs, flavors, and cellulose-based fillers instead of tobacco to achieve a similar spicy flavor as tobacco-containing products. Thus, the products are not only free of nicotine, but also do not contain any tobacco and can be consumed without hesitation.


Why are snus pouches without nicotine gaining popularity?

Snus nicotine free is not only the ideal cigarette substitute, it is also perfect for snusers who want to snort a little less and are looking for snus alternatives. Nicotine is known to be addictive, so these products can help you consume less nicotine and still experience the full flavor of snus. With the help of herbs and flavors, a unique flavor is created that is very close to that of tobacco and in no way inferior in use.


Snus nicotinefree effect

The tobacco effect on the body and mind is one of the reasons why smokers or snusers choose tobacco-containing products. Tobacco has a relaxing effect and can suppress negative feelings such as nervousness or anxiety. At the same time, tobacco boosts adrenaline levels and makes consumers feel more focused and energetic. What about the effect of nicotine-free snus? Some of the snus products without nicotine use guarana or cannabinoids instead of tobacco to trigger a similar effect. Guarana comes from the seeds of Paullinia cupana and contains a high amount of caffeine. For this reason, products with guarana, give energy and increase performance. Cannabinoids come from the hemp plant and, similar to tobacco, trigger a release of the substance dopamine in the brain, which increases well-being. Cannabinoids are divided into different groups that are categorized as either legal or illegal depending on the THC content - in Switzerland, cannabinoids are legal as long as the THC content is below 1%.


Which brands offer snus without nicotine?

The brands that offer snus without nicotine are constantly increasing. We show you a few of the most popular brands.



For a change, the edelsnus brand does not come from Sweden, but from Switzerland. Edelsnus is best known for its tobacco-free All White products called edel. With edel CBD Mint, they have also launched a nicotine-free product; furthermore, a caffeine-containing product with energy drink flavor will soon be launched - completely without tobacco, nicotine as well as CBD; but with caffeine!


Qvitt Snus

The manufacturer of Qvitt snus is Gotlandssnus. Gotlandssnus is originally from Sweden and has been known for its high quality products for years. In Qvitt carrot fibers are used instead of tobacco, mixed with other ingredients such as ginseng, fluoride and various flavors.


Kickup Snus

Kickup is dubbed as the original when looking for snus without nicotine. In fact, the Swedish manufacturer was one of the first to launch snus without nicotine. The products contain pleasant flavors such as bergamot and also licorice, depending on the variety. In addition, they also contain a number of vitamins.



Onico refers to another nicotine-free snus brand distributed under the management of Swedish Match. Again, the nicotine content is 0 mg/g and the flavors range from bergamot and lemon to minty and peppery accents.


Where can I buy nicotinefree snus?

On our site you can buy nicotine free snus from edelsnus brand. Edelsnus CBD Mint is a mint blend with 12 mg/g CBD and is completely free of nicotine and THC. The taste of mint lasts long and provides a refreshing feeling in the mouth.



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