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Tobacco-free snus comes in two different types, namely: snus without tobacco and nicotine-free snus. On our site you will find the best tobacco-free snus pouches, also called All White Snus, and snus products that are completely nicotine-free.

What is the difference between a tobacco-free nicotine pouch and nicotine-free snus?

Nicotine is a substance that occurs naturally in the tobacco plant. In conventional snus products, the tobacco is ground and mixed with water, flavours and salt. Thus, every product with tobacco also contains nicotine. The nicotine content differs depending on the recipe and triggers certain chemical reactions in the brain, such as suppression of nervousness.

Tobacco free nicotine pouch

All White Snus products lack tobacco, but contain nicotine to trigger the same effect. So how does the nicotine get into the snus without tobacco? In a tobacco-free snus pouch, the nicotine is first extracted separately from the tobacco plant. Later, it is added to the product either in liquid form as synthetic nicotine or in the form of nicotine salt.

Since both the pouches are made of natural plant fibres and the contents are dry, they are described as All White products. This means they run very little during use and can be stored for longer. In addition, All White products have the advantage that they do not turn teeth yellow, as tobacco is the culprit for discolouration.


Nicotine free snus

Snus pouches without nicotine contain neither nicotine nor tobacco. The taste of tobacco is imitated with the help of different flavours and is very close to that of ordinary snus pouches. Some products contain guarana or cannabinoids, which provide a similar calming sensation as nicotine.

Nicotine-free snus is ideal as an alternative to cigarettes and is recommended for people who want to quit smoking permanently. Also for people who are mainly interested in the taste experience of snus, this alternative can be tried without hesitation.


Snus without tobacco: health effects

Tobacco-free snus contains a similarly high nicotine content as tobacco-containing snus products and therefore triggers the same sensation on the body. However, in comparison, they do not contain carbon monoxide like cigarettes, which has been linked to various cancers. The combustion process is completely eliminated, which is why they are considered up to 95% less harmful than cigarettes.

Since nicotine-free snus pouches lack both tobacco and nicotine, they are considered even less harmful. They are not addictive and trigger no to very little reaction in the brain.

Which brands offer snus without tobacco?

As All White Snus becomes more and more popular, there are also more and more brands that offer snus without tobacco. Probably the best-known brand is Velo, which is based in Scandinavia. With Velo, the previous brands EPOK and Lyft are merged and forwarded under one name.

Another frontrunner among the All White Snus products is Skruf. The brand from Sweden has been in demand in the Scandinavian region for several years and is becoming more and more popular in this country as well. In Norway, Skruf now has a market share of 40%.

Other tobacco-free brands that we carry on our site include edelsnus, Après, White Fox, VID, La Fruteria, G.4, ZYN and Thunder.

Which brands offer nicotine-free snus?

The edelsnus brand comes directly from Switzerland and offers a completely nicotine-free snus product: edelsnus CBD Mint. The calming effect is achieved with the help of cannabinoids, but is completely free of THC compared to other intoxicants.

Snus without tobacco and snus without nicotine

In summary, a product with tobacco always contains nicotine, but a product containing nicotine does not always need tobacco as an ingredient. Nicotine can also be added synthetically in the manufacturing process and achieves the same effect as other snus products. Nicotine-free snus is enriched with flavours to trigger the same taste as snus in the mouth.

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