Snus vs Zigarette – Fallbeispiel Norwegen

Since snus was legalized in Norway about 10 years ago, many people have switched from smoking to snus. This has proven to be a good way to legalize the much less harmful variant of tobacco consumption, snus. The average user is predominantly male, while the gender difference among smokers is smaller.
According to Norwegian statistics, in 2018 about 12 per cent of the population smoked between 16-74, while 12 per cent consumed snus daily. This means that the ratio between smokers and snus smokers has balanced out, after not so long ago many more people smoked than consumed snus.

During 2019 a new statistic was published which confirms the continuation of this trend: There are now more snusers than smokers in Norway. This difference is particularly marked by the younger generation, as older people stick to smoking longer.

The case study of Norway clearly shows that snus can significantly reduce the smoking rate in the population. This also massively reduces the health care costs of tobacco consumption, which is one of the most common avoidable causes of death in industrialized countries.

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