So snust man in Viruszeiten

The anxiety for Corona continues and in the home country of snus, Sweden, there are reports of people who are hoarding snus online. What should snus users especially think about during this extraordinary time? Snusus explains how to continue to enjoy snus in a hygienic and responsible way - for yourself and your fellow human beings.

Covid-19 is an infectious disease that is spread mainly by droplets in the air. If you touch your face after small virus particles have settled on your hands, they can enter your body via your nose, mouth or eyes and infect your body from there. For a snuser this is especially tricky, as you often take a snus after shaking hands or otherwise having contaminated hands. Below are some hygiene tips for a cleaner snus consumption:

Wash your hands - over and over again!
Yes, we know that you have probably heard this fifty-one times recently - but we have to tell you another fifty-two times. Washing your hands is and remains incredibly important during virus times. After you have taken a snus you should wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. If you are on the road and do not have access to washing facilities, disinfectant will also do the trick. Have you shaken hands with someone or have you been out of the house for a long time? Then it is the same procedure again before taking the next snus.

Now you finally have an excuse - do not share!
Think twice before offering snus to your friends or acquaintances during these virus times. At the moment it is safest for you and your friends to take responsibility for your own snus purchases and not share snus cans. You never know where their hands have been or when they were last washed.

Dispose of your snus in the trash - and not in public
You are responsible where you dispose of your used snus bags. No one should pick up your trash for you - in addition to your moral obligation, you now also have an obligation to society. If you dispose of your snus in the trash or in your own can, you help save lives.

Stay positive!
Finally we would like to announce some good news - due to the unusual anti-corona strategy of the Swedes there is at least one positive effect - the snus supply is not endangered 😊

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