Supreme Snus & Co. Nikotingehalt erklärt: Das Problem im Überblick

For some time now, there have been dangerous products on the snus market, which unfortunately are becoming more and more widespread in Switzerland as well. These include the brands Supreme Snus, Iceberg Snus, Kurwa Snus, Candyshop Snus, Nerds Snus and many others. We want to bring you closer to the problem with these much too strong products and inform you about the dangers.

What is Supreme Snus?

Supreme Snus, Kurwa, Candyshop, Cuba, Nerds and many other brands are snus products with extreme amounts of nicotine, which have also been circulating in Switzerland for some time. Most of these snus products are tobacco-free, taste like candy and have one thing in common: irresponsible nicotine content of up to 250 mg/g. For comparison: "normal" snus have a nicotine content of 5 to a maximum of 45 mg/g.

Is Supreme Snus dangerous?

Unfortunately, the answer is as short as it is true: YES! Most of these snus products like Supreme and Candyshop are produced under untraceable conditions somewhere abroad and contain such a high amount of nicotine that they can lead to malaise, nausea, vomiting and even a fatal overdose. You may think that this is not possible - unfortunately it is, because nicotine is a neurotoxin and in high concentrations it is life-threatening. In Russia, such products have already led to deaths among children and adolescents, which is why snus was finally banned altogether. This is neither in the interest of snus consumers nor in the interest of snus manufacturers and retailers. Brands like Supreme Snus endanger not only health, but also the snus market in Switzerland - so it's best to stay away from them!

Is Supreme Snus legal?

Products such as Supreme, Candyshop, Cuba and Kurwa are mostly so-called "Nicotine Pouches" and as tobacco-free snus products are currently not yet regulated by the current tobacco law. However, this problem will change with the introduction of the new "Tobacco Products Act" on January 1 or July 1, 2023. From that date, snus without tobacco will also have to follow the same rules as tobacco products. However, commercial import of such products is already prohibited if one does not have an import permit, does not pay tobacco taxes on the products and does not put Swiss health warnings on the cans. Abuse of these regulations is already punishable and can have serious consequences, which is why some smaller online retailers in Switzerland have already received criminal charges and had to close down.

Why is Supreme Snus not available at Snushus?

Quite simply: because Supreme Snus, Candy Shop, Cuba, Kurwa & Co. are not safe products! Nobody knows where and how such snus are produced, which is why you can't rely on the nicotine information on the packaging. We at Snushus stand for responsible handling of nicotine products and therefore only include products in our assortment that are produced under professional conditions and do not harm your health in an unexpected way.

We have also developed our own strength scale, which evaluates the strength of each product individually and holistically from 1 to 5. Not only the nicotine content plays a role in the strength - but also the snus type, the moisture and PH content, the bag size, etc. You can find more about this here.

Is Supreme snus addictive?

Nicotine is the most addictive substance in tobacco and tobacco substitute products, which is why Supreme Snus and similar products are extremely addictive and much faster than "normal" snus and cigarettes. The higher the nicotine content, the faster and stronger one becomes addicted. In addition, the body gets used to the extremely high nicotine content when consuming Supreme, which is why you then feel no effect at all with "normal" snus and cigarettes and have much stronger withdrawal symptoms.


If you don't want to do without stronger products, but still want to keep the risk of nicotine poisoning in check, we have alternatives for you which also have very exotic flavours.
La Fruteria Traube-Minze with 30 mg/g Nicotine content
La Fruteria Orange Jizz with 25 mg/g Nicotine content
Aprés Ice Tea Peach X-Strong with 15 mg/g Nicotine content
edelsnus Onyx with 25 mg/g Nicotine content

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