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VID is the latest creation from Kurbits Snus AB - strong Swiss flavors meet Swedish snus know how. A change from all the nicotine pouches that have existed so far: VID Fresh Cola strong is, as the name suggests, an all white snus with cola flavor! An indescribable taste experience. Based on flavored cellulose and completely free of tobacco, the VID pouches also come in slim format. Tobacco free means no tobacco smell to get used to and no tobacco pollutants - currently there is no less harmful way to consume nicotine in the world. All White Snus / Nicotine Pouches is therefore especially suitable for smokers who can not start with smoking cessation such as nicotine patches, nicotine gum or nicotine spray.


Snus type: All White
Strength: 4/5
Taste: Cola
Nicotine content: 16 mg/g
Tobacco substitute per Can: 12 g
Pouch size: Slim
Pouches per Can: 20


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