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What Is Snus?

Snus, also pronounced as “snoose”, is a Swedish smokeless, finely grounded, moist tobacco powdered product marketed as a less harmful alternative to smoking. Snus is sold loose and in small pouches like teabags and consumed by placing it under the upper lip. Snus consists mainly of a blend of finely ground tobacco, salt mixed with water and different aromas like mint and wintergreen for an extra touch of flavour. Snus comes either in the convenient pre-packed portions or in traditional loose variants and as we know it today, snus dates back to the 19th Century and are available in different flavours, variant, strengths and portion sizes.

Formats & Sizes of Snus:

Loose Snus:

From the last 200 years, loose snus hasn’t changed at all and still remains to be the historic foundation of the snus tradition. The consumers can easily shape their pinch by loose snus by hand into preferred shape and size. The loose snus is grounded in three different fraction sizes such as fine, medium and coarse and the fraction size affects among other things like the handling and taste experience.

Original Portion:

The portion snus is also referred to as the “original portion” which is dark in moist and colour with a full-bodied flavour. Portion snus is pre-shaped into convenient portions in different shapes and sizes for easy handling. Snus portions come in different sizes depending upon different consumer needs which includes:

  • Maxi: An extra-large snus portion packet which is twice the size of a large portion packet.
  • Large: the large snus portion packets that are white and original are roughly the weight of 1 gram.
  • Mini: Introduced in 1984, the mini portion packets specially made for the smokers that greatly helps them to switch from cigarettes to snus.

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