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Snus is a dried oral tobacco that has a very long tradition in Scandinavia. Snus has been used in Sweden since the 19th century and is becoming increasingly popular, including in Europe. In the meantime, snus is not only available in Scandinavia, but also in other countries and is considered a more environmentally friendly alternative to cigarettes.

But what effect does snus have on our bodies and is snus comparable to a drug? Can you increase the effect of snus and is snus healthier than smoking?


What's in snus?

In order to better understand the effects of snus on the body, we should first take a look at the ingredients of snus. Snus consists mainly of tobacco, water, salt and flavorings. The dried tobacco leaves are shredded in factories in different ways, depending on the properties of the tobacco. Salt is not only added to refine the taste, but also serves to better preserve the tobacco. With some varieties, such as Oden's Double Mint Extreme, mint is also used to give the snus a particularly fresh note.

It should be noted that the quality inspection of snus is particularly strict and that only defect-free goods are released for sale. The finished goods are then filled into bags made of cellulose fibers and packaged in cans. These are then placed in a refrigerator, where the product begins to mature and contains the characteristic aromas.


Snus effect: How long does it work and how is it consumed?

Snus is offered either as loose snus or in practical sachets. When consuming, a snus bag is taken out of the can and placed on the side under the upper lip. There the snus gradually releases the aromas and nicotine. Snus is usually kept in the mouth for 15 to 60 minutes. After that, the effect and the taste gradually wear off.

The first time you use it, you may feel intoxicated and feel dizzy. The first application should therefore take place in a safe place. To get started, a snus product with a moderate nicotine content should be used, such as the snus products from the edel brand.


Snus tobacco effect

Since tobacco naturally contains nicotine, nicotine is of course also contained in snus products. However, the nicotine content differs depending on the product. Siberia Red Snus , for example, is known for having 5 times the nicotine content than other types of snus. This product contains 43 mg / g nicotine and is recommended for people who have previous experience with snus. However, snus can also be bought with less nicotine.

When snus is consumed, nicotine enters the bloodstream and finally into the brain, where it triggers a variety of physiological reactions. Among other things, the substance dopamine reaches our brain, which has a stimulating effect on our body. The effect of dopamine simultaneously suppresses negative emotions such as stress, nervousness, tiredness and insecurity for a short time.

At the same time, the body is stimulated to release more adrenaline. This increases blood pressure and pulse and makes you wide awake, but relaxed at the same time.


Snus effect sport

Snus is often used in sports, but how exactly does it work? Athletes hope that by taking snus they will sharpen their cognitive abilities, such as their reaction time. In addition, many use it as an energy boost, which at the same time reduces nervousness. Since snus is not on the World Doping Agency's Prohibited List, athletes don't need to worry about being disqualified.

Since snus, unlike cigarettes, is not smoked, there is no combustion process whatsoever when it is consumed. This puts less strain on the lungs and completely eliminates passive smoking. Nevertheless, snus should not be consumed in large quantities.

In large quantities, snus increases the heart rate and after about 45 minutes there is an abrupt drop in performance. Since most types of snus are Containing nicotine can be addictive and should always be consumed in moderation. Alternatively, you can also try edel CBD Mint , because this product does not contain any Nicotine.

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