Gibt es Snushus bald auch in meiner Stadt?

We will tell you this much in advance: If you live in Schaffhausen or Kreuzlingen, then yes!

After we have spoiled the beleaguered Swiss snus consumers online with the lowest prices and fastest shipping since the snus legalization in 2019, we are now also physically available since 2020. In St. Margrethen we opened the first snus store in Switzerland, which quickly got around due to the exceptional customer experience with Swedish advice and free tasting. Therefore, in 2021, the second snus store was opened in Diepoldsau, which can offer snus consumers even more on over 300 m2 - from VELO to edel, SIBERIA and ODENS, there are over 100 different snus brands to buy from us. In addition, our employees always strive to explain the advantages and disadvantages associated with snus in a competent and understandable way, so that consumers in Switzerland encounter fewer prejudices and ignorance and find answers to their questions.

In order to offer customers in other regions an improved snus experience, we will continue to grow in 2022: namely, we will start the new year with two new locations at once.


From February 2022 you will also find us in Kreuzlingen right next to the Emmishofer customs with Germany, at Konstanzerstrasse 16. On 100m2, the snus store in Kreuzlingen will also leave nothing to be desired and will be able to offer the best snus prices in the Constance and Kreuzlingen region with the usual competent advice. Also here you will find the best prices for snus brands like VELO, SIBERIA, edel and ODENS. If you don't want to miss the opening, feel free to sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media!


In the heart of the Unterstadt of Schaffhausen, we have teamed up with the modern, competent souvenir specialist Munot Shop and are happy to open the first Snushus shop-in-shop by Christmas 2021. At Unterstadt 14, we serve you as usual competent and offer a somewhat reduced, but usual low-priced snus assortment with brands such as VELO, SIBERIA, edel and ODENS. We look forward to your visit!

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