Wie vermeide ich, dass sich meine Zähne durch Snus verfärben?

It's no secret that snus has a negative impact on our gums. Years of use of snus can not only discolor the teeth yellow or brown, but the gums can recede, become infected more quickly and result in tooth loss.

For this reason, proper oral hygiene is of particular importance for snusers. We want to show you a few measures you can take to protect your teeth from potential damage and give you alternatives that you can use instead of tobacco-containing snus.

How does tobacco affect teeth?

Tobacco contains a number of toxic substances that settle on the teeth and tongue in the mouth area. These plaque ensure that the teeth gradually discolor and turn yellow. In addition, the nicotine in tobacco products can trigger greater sensitivity to pain in the mouth and worsen blood circulation.

In the worst case, tobacco consumption can promote periodontal disease and slow the natural healing of the gums. This causes the gums to recede and the necks of the teeth are no longer protected. Inflammation is more common and the gums often bleed. The effect of snus on the gums is similar, as most snus products contain tobacco and the product is tucked directly behind the upper lip.

However, the health risk with snus is generally lower because the product is not burned, releasing many of the pollutants in the cigarette. Snus is healthier than smoking, but it is not completely excluded from health risks.

What should snusers look out for?

Good oral hygiene is extremely important for snusers so that long-term consequences such as inflammation in the mouth and tooth loss can be avoided. The teeth should be brushed twice a day, especially the area around the gums should always be kept clean. Pressing too hard with a toothbrush is not recommended so that the gums are not additionally irritated.

To regularly brush their teeth, snusers should also use dental floss every day. Pollutants can also be deposited in the spaces between the teeth and cause inflammation there. Of course, visits to the dentist should also be taken seriously, as this is the only place where teeth can be professionally cleaned.

Tobacco-free snus - All White Snus

If you are concerned about the discoloration of your teeth, you can use an alternative to snus containing tobacco. All White Snus, like other products, contains nicotine and has a stimulating effect on the body and mind. However, it is completely tobacco free and therefore does not stain teeth as much.

The All White Nicotine Pouches are very easy to recognize by their white color. Both the contents of the bag and the bags themselves are dry and run only minimally when consumed. They are made from cellulose and the nicotine is either added in liquid form. The effect remains the same and the nicotine kick sets in even without tobacco.

In addition to the All White products, the Swiss brand Edel has even launched a snus product without tobacco or nicotine: edel CBD MINT. It tastes like mint / lemongrass and is an excellent alternative to cigarettes.

Which all white varieties are popular?

The most popular varieties include VELO Freeze X-Strong AW with 15.5 mg / g nicotine and a fresh mint taste, edel COLD AW with 20 mg / g nicotine and a menthol aroma and Skruf Super White Fresh # 4 AW with 18 mg / g Nicotine and also a mint taste.

In addition, the White Fox brand (producer of Odens and Siberia) also produces All White Pouches. They are completely free of tobacco and do not contain the harmful substances common in cigarettes. The three varieties include White Fox Double Mint AW with 16.5 mg / g nicotine, White Fox AW with 16 mg / g nicotine and White Fox Full Charge AW with 16.5 mg / g. All three varieties taste like fresh mint and have a long-lasting aroma.

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