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Siberia snus is one of the strongest brands on the market, with a nicotine content of up to 45mg/g. The brand is manufactured by GN Tobacco which has its headquarters in Sweden. The Siberia Red products are known for their spicy taste and long lasting effect. For snus beginners, the products are less suitable, only experienced snusers should enjoy the extremely intense products.

We tell you what makes the brand so special and why it has been one of the most popular varieties for so long. In addition, we present the Siberia Red snus products and their nicotine content on our page.

What makes the Siberia brand?

The Siberia brand impresses with its unique taste and kick. The aroma of Siberia products unfolds in the mouth already a few seconds after ingestion and snusers appreciate the full-bodied experience.

The name of the brand alludes to the icy Siberia in northern Russia. Those who want to survive the winter months there need a strong snus that has an effect. For this reason, there is more nicotine in the products, even much higher than in conventional chewing tobacco products and other normal strength snus products. 

Siberia Red: The different types of products

On our site you can find the most popular Siberia Red products and get them delivered safely. These products include:

Siberia Red -80 Degrees WDP:

Siberia Red -80 Degrees WDP is a dry portion snus with a nicotine content of 43 mg/g. Mint has been added as a flavoring to the product, which once again emphasizes the spicy taste of the tobacco. The snus portions are packed in convenient pouches of size Large, so they are ready for immediate use.

Siberia Rot -80 Degrees WDP Mini:

Who prefers the mini variant instead of the large bags, will also find it here with us. Siberia Red -80 Degrees WDP Mini provides the same taste experience and also has a high nicotine content of 43 mg/g, but is packaged in mini pouches.

Siberia Rot -80 Degrees WDP Slim

As a third variant, Siberia Red -80 Degrees WDP Slim with narrow pouches is also available. The Siberia Red nicotine content is also 43 mg/g here. Whether you choose large, slim or the mini variant depends on your personal preferences. The taste remains unchanged in all sizes, only the amount consumed at one time changes.


Note: If you want to buy Siberia Red in stock, you should get the Siberia Red -80 Degrees 500 gram box. This can also be ordered with Large or Slim bags. This should be stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Only in this way the snus retains its flavor. The best place for this is the refrigerator. White Dry portions can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 50 weeks.

What are the characteristics of Siberia Red?

Siberia Red provides a special tobacco experience, because the products have an extremely hearty aroma. In addition, the brand relies on a very low moisture content, which means that the products run very little during consumption and retain their flavor for a long time.

To the intense flavor of tobacco is added the aroma of mint, with which the Siberia Red products are enriched. The double effect creates an exclusive taste that is not for the faint of heart. The kick lasts longer than with other products. 

Siberia Red has a nicotine content of 43 mg/g and it is a White Dry portion. This means that not only the pouch is dry, but also the tobacco it contains. For this reason, they can be stored longer and do not leak.

To use Siberia Red you should simply put a pouch under the upper lip and the effect starts after a short time. How long you leave the pouch under the upper lip, you can decide for yourself.

Siberia Snus Alternatives?

If you are looking for high quality alternatives to Siberia snus, we can recommend Soldat Extreme. This snus tastes very similar to Siberia, and also achieves a very strong kick due to its enrichment with menthol and mint. The Soldat Extreme snus is also available in the classic 500g box and is still much cheaper!

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