Kann Tabak schlecht werden?

Can tobacco go bad?

You may have noticed that snus tins have an expiration date and cigarette packets do not. The shelf life of snus, cigarettes and shisha tobacco differs because the tobacco of the tobacco plant is processed differently.

For this reason, we want to take a close look at the shelf life of snus and clarify whether tobacco can go bad. In addition, we reveal how you can extend the shelf life of snus through proper storage.

Can cigarettes tobacco go bad?

Cigarettes are often sold as a rod with many packs, because it is more profitable in terms of price. Those who buy cigarettes in this form will notice that they are well sealed with foil. The packaging is important to preserve the moisture of the tobacco.

If cigarettes are stored properly, they have no expiration date. In a dry and cool storage area, cigarettes can be kept for up to two years. If the tobacco in the cigarette dries out, this will be evident from the paper, as it will turn yellow. It is better not to smoke a dried-out cigarette, as the tobacco effect on the body is stronger than usual and can trigger health consequences such as nausea.

What about loose cigarettes tobacco?
Loose tobacco lacks foil packaging and they are sold in airtight plastic containers or metal cans. If the package is opened, the contents will keep for about up to three months. If the package is still sealed, you can store it in a dry and cool place for up to half a year.

Can hookah tobacco go bad?

Shisha tobacco is similar to cigarette tobacco, because it also lacks a best-before date on the packaging. However, the production date is indicated, which you can use as a guide. Unopened and sealed, you can store hookah tobacco for two years without any problems.

After opening the seal, the hookah tobacco should be consumed within a few weeks or months at most. Exactly how long it stays fresh depends on how it is stored. Whether hookah tobacco is still edible or not, you can easily tell by the smell. Old hookah tobacco smells unpleasant.

Our tip: Write the date on the metal tin when you open it. This makes it easier to keep track.

What is the shelf life of tobacco in snus?

With snus, the question of shelf life becomes a bit more complicated, because the moisture of the tobacco varies depending on the snus variety. Snus is divided into loose snus, Original Portion, White Portion, White Dry Portion and All White Portion. In the Original Portion, the tobacco is packed moistened, while the White Dry Portion is completely dry. The White Portion is dry on the outside, but the contents are slightly moistened.

Moist snus such as General Extra Strong OP has a limited shelf life - about 4 months from the date of production. White Dry Portion like Siberia and Odens as well as All White Snus like Lyft Ice Cool Strong AW can be stored up to one year.

How do I store snus properly?

To extend the shelf life of snus, it should be stored in a dry and cool place, preferably in the refrigerator. Snus can also be frozen, which can extend the shelf life up to one year.

Snus can thus be purchased and consumed in stock. Frequent thawing of the product can reduce the moisture content over time, so after thawing it should be used as soon as possible.

Conclusion: Can tobacco go bad?

In summary, tobacco can certainly go bad if it is fresh and moistened. Dry tobacco has no expiration date, but becomes inedible over the years. With snus products, it depends on what type of snus is meant, because the shelf lives differ significantly between the different types of snus.

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