Siberia Snus – Die stärkste Marke der Welt bei uns erhältlich

Snus products are available in different strengths from mild to extremely strong and one of the undisputed leaders in terms of nicotine content are still the products of the brand Siberia. Siberia snus not only has an extraordinarily high nicotine content, which is almost five times higher than ordinary snus tobacco, but is also known for top quality and high-quality ingredients. With us you can buy the popular varieties of Siberia Snus and get reliable delivery.

What makes Siberia so special?

Siberia provides a strong kick already a few minutes after ingestion and especially with the White Dry Portion the tobacco effect lasts extremely long. The products of the brand are not for the faint of heart and therefore recommended to experienced snusers. Siberia is under the management of GN Tobacco Sweden AB, which also produces other popular brands such as Odens Snus.

The Siberia snus nicotine content ranges from 24 mg/g up to 43 mg/g. The products have a spicy tobacco note and are the perfect choice for snusers looking for an intense experience. Siberia Red is one of the brand's most popular products and has been enhanced with the fresh taste of mint. In addition to the usual formats, Siberia is now also available as All White Nicotine Pouches.

What types of Siberia snus can you buy from us?

With us you can order all popular varieties of Siberia Snus and we will ensure prompt delivery. We offer you:

  • Rot -80 Degrees WDP
  • Black -80 Degrees OP und WDP
  • Blau -80 Degrees WP
  • Brown -80 Degrees OP
  • Extremely Strong AW

Siberia Red -80 Degrees WDP

Siberia Red White Dry Portion has a low moisture content and therefore does not run during use. The product has a distinct mint flavor and is especially popular among snusers due to its freshness. The pouch size varies, you can get it in large, slim or mini. The nicotine content is 43 mg/g. The effect sets in quickly and lasts for a long time. You can even buy this variety in the 500 g box with us and save a lot of money.

Siberia Black -80 Degrees OP und WDP

Who prefers the intense taste of tobacco without flavors, is in the right place with the black variety. Siberia Black is available in two different versions, namely Original Portion and White Dry Portion. Original Portion has a higher moisture content and contains 43 mg/g nicotine. White Dry Portion is drier and also contains 43 mg/g nicotine. The pouch size is available in large, slim and mini.

Siberia Blue -80 Degrees WP

Siberia Blue contains 24 mg/g nicotine and has an extremely high moisture content of 45%. The product tastes of fresh mint and spicy tobacco. You can buy the White Portion from us in the pouch sizes large and slim.

Siberia Brown -80 Degrees OP

Fans of the original portion can enjoy the black variety as well as the brown variant. The nicotine content is also 43 mg/g and the taste was rounded off with mint.

Siberia Extremely Strong AW

The new variant of the popular brand is Siberia Extremely Strong All White. All White products, unlike conventional snus, do not contain tobacco, but nicotine. So you don't have to worry about staining your teeth or fingers. Of course, the All White variant also has a high nicotine content, namely 33 mg/g. You can buy them in the size normal and slim.

How to take snus?

Snus is offered in loose form and packaged in pouches. Loose it is taken with the fingertips and pushed under the upper lip. The pouches are already portioned and can be placed directly under the lip. There the snus remains until it loses its effect. Snus should not be chewed or swallowed.

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