Siberia Rot Nikotingehalt erklärt: Snus-Sorte im Überblick

The Siberia brand focuses on high quality with extremely strong effect. The Siberia Red nicotine content is over 40 mg/g and is suitable for snusers with experience and people who are looking for a strong kick. We want to introduce you to the brand and its features in more detail and compare their products.

What you should know about Siberia

The Siberia brand is manufactured by GN Tobacco, which was founded in Sweden in 2009 under the name SNUSAB AB. Besides Siberia snus, GN Tobacco also produces loose and portioned chewing tobacco with different nicotine content. In August 2014, the company expanded its production line to include All White products. Among snus users, GN Tobacco has been known for quite some time, especially for its Oden's and Siberia brand products. 

If you take a closer look at the snus nicotine content of other products on the market, you'll find that Siberia pretty much always tops the list. Besides Siberia Red, there are also other products of the brand such as Siberia Brown, Siberia Ice Cold or Siberia Extremely Black.

Siberia Red Features

Besides the high nicotine content, Siberia Red is also extremely popular among snusers for its spicy aroma. The intense flavor of the tobacco is rounded out by the fresh aroma of mint, giving the product an even stronger effect. Siberia Red is a White Dry portion with a low moisture content, which means that the product runs only minimally when consumed and you can enjoy the full taste experience. 

As soon as the snus pouch is placed under the upper lip, it is moistened by the saliva and the effect sets in promptly. The kick of Siberia Red lasts long and is more intense than comparable products.

Siberia Red nicotine content per bag

The Siberia Red nicotine content is 43 mg/g, which is much higher than that of other snus products. The nicotine content of normal strength products is about 8 mg/g, Siberia Red thus contains five times as much nicotine as other snus products. This snus strength is not for the faint of heart and should be enjoyed with caution. 

You can order Siberia Red in different formats, you can choose between Large, Slim and Mini pouches. In the mini version, the Siberia Red nicotine content per pouch is about 19.5 mg/g. Although the size of the sachets varies, the strong flavor remains the same. You can decide for yourself which size is best for you when consuming.

Siberia Red Nicotine Content Compare

Since Siberia offers not only Siberia Red, we want to introduce you to the other products of the brand and their nicotine content as well. Siberia Black is available in the White Dry portion as well as the Original portion and has a distinct tobacco flavor. Siberia Ice Cold and Siberia Brown have both been given a mint flavor.

  • Siberia -80 Degrees Brown Power Portion - nicotine level: 43 mg/g 
  • Siberia -80 Degrees Rot Extremely Strong White Dry Portion - nicotine level: 43 mg/g 
  • Siberia -80 Degrees Ice Cold Power White Portion - nicotine level: 24 mg/g 
  • Siberia X-Tremely Black Original - nicotine level: 43 mg/g

Siberia Red order online

With us you can easily order Siberia Red online and get it delivered with confidence. Besides Siberia Red, we also carry other products in the range, such as Original Portion. If you are looking for similar products with a strong effect, you can try Soldat Extreme WDP.


Siberia snus contains more nicotine than ordinary snus products and convinces with its spicy tobacco flavor with fresh mint. If you are looking for snus products with high nicotine content, Siberia Red is the right place. As an alternative, we recommend the Soldat Extreme product line.

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