Snus am Kiosk kaufen – oder doch besser bestellen?

Buy snus at the kiosk – or better order it? We show you the individual advantages and disadvantages here and also take a look at the legal situation!

Buy snus at the kiosk – or better order?

Snus refers to a product made from ground tobacco that is either packaged in small pouches or sold in bulk. It has a long tradition in Scandinavia and can therefore be legally sold online and in stores in Sweden. We want to tell you in which countries you can buy snus at the kiosk. In addition, we will tell you which alternative sales locations are available and how you can benefit from their advantages.


Can you buy snus at newsstands in Switzerland?

In 2019, Switzerland decided to legalize snus and allow commercial sale. The Federal Supreme Court made this decision because there is no immediate health hazard associated with consumption and the risks are comparable and in many cases even lower than those of cigarettes and alcohol. Even before the court order, the consumption and import of snus was legal, only its sale was banned.

Since then, Snus can be found at Swiss petrol stations and at kiosks. Often, shops advertise the alternative to cigarettes with advertising posters and have popular brands in their range. Due to the pandemic, the demand for tobacco-containing products at gas stations has risen sharply and the sale of snus also continues to rise. At the cantonal level, the same sales restrictions as for tobacco come into force.

Sales both at newsstands and online are regulated in a transitional article of the Food Act. This means that the ingredients are strictly controlled and hazardous substances such as nitrosamines (which are often found in snus varieties from North America) are banned.


What is the situation at kiosks in EU countries?

In other EU countries, the sale of snus is still banned. This prohibition is based on the fact that oral tobacco products consisting of powder or fine-grained granules cannot be legally sold. The only exception is Sweden, as it is the country of origin of snus. In some EU countries you can find the All White Snus variant, which contains nicotine but is free of tobacco. In Germany, sales were discontinued. Here you can only buy snus without nicotine and without tobacco at the kiosk.


What are the disadvantages of buying snus at the kiosk?

Buying snus at the kiosk is quick and practical. However, there are also some disadvantages that you should be prepared for. Most kiosks only carry a limited number of varieties and these are often replaced or completely removed from the range. So the chance that you will find your favorite strain there permanently is relatively low. In addition, you can't get regular delivery at the kiosk and savings offers are rare.

On average, snus at newsstands costs almost twice as much as online. It is also difficult to find snus in large quantities at the kiosk because the number is limited. If you want to save money, you'd better look for cheap online stores that offer snus. At Snushus you will find a large selection of popular brands that are sold at fair prices.

In summary, it can be said:

  • Snus at the kiosk is more expensive
  • The quality + freshness often leaves a lot to be desired
  • The variety is limited
  • The quantity is limited
  • Your favorite brand may not be sold
  • There are rare savings


Why you should order snus from Snushus!

At Snushus you get high-quality products delivered confidently and quickly. Our snus is always fresh and subject to strict controls. We have a large selection of snus varieties, nicotine pouches and even nicotine-free products. You can find great offers with us, such as the 500 g box Soldier Extreme or our mix packages with five different varieties, which you can find under HUS MIX. Our range is constantly expanding and we strive to offer you the best varieties at an affordable price.

On Snushus you can even subscribe to get your favorite strains delivered regularly. You do not enter into any obligations, because the subscription can be cancelled or changed at any time. You decide for yourself in what quantities and at what intervals you would like to have your delivery. A combination of several varieties is also possible. This makes the purchase of snus a lot easier.