Entdecke die neuen fruchtigen Sorten von Velo

Discover the new fruity flavours from VELO

If you're looking for high-quality nicotine pouches in many exciting flavours, then you've come to the right place at VELO! VELO offers you an incredibly large selection of different flavours and new ones are being added all the time. For all fans of fruity flavours, VELO has eleven new pouches that provide a unique kick. Let us take a closer look at the new fruity flavours.

The new fruity flavours from VELO

Fruity snus is very popular because the flavours offer a lot of variety and have a long-lasting taste. VELO, a renowned manufacturer from Sweden, is known for its diverse selection of flavours, whether fruity or spicy notes. The brand specialises in the production of white nicotine pouches, which means that the products contain nicotine but no tobacco. The nicotine content of the pouches varies; at VELO you will find both mild and strong products.

The advantage of white snus is that it does not stain your fingers yellow when you consume it, so you don't have to worry about discolouring your teeth. The products are easy to recognise by their colour, as both the contents and the pouches are completely white. As they are already filled in the right portion size, they are ready for immediate consumption. Compared to conventional cigarettes, they produce no smoke and are not a nuisance to those around you.

These are the fruity flavours from VELO:

VELO Tropic Breeze

The refreshing flavour of VELO Tropic Breeze provides a tropical breeze. The fruity flavours of mandarin, passion fruit and mango are combined to create a unique exotic experience. The All White Snus nicotine content is 8 mg/g and the variety therefore belongs to the normal strength category. The portion pouches are slim and fit perfectly under the upper lip.

VELO Breezy Mango

Attention fans of fresh mangoes! VELO has just the right flavour for you. Breezy Mango offers you a fruity experience of sweet mangoes and a hint of passion fruit. With a nicotine content of 20 mg/g, it is one of the very strong flavours and is suitable for experienced snuff users.

VELO Mango Flame

In addition to Breezy Mango, you can also try Mango Flame, which also tastes of fresh mangoes. This variety contains 14.3 mg/g nicotine.

VELO Orange Spark

Fancy the refreshing flavour of oranges? Then try Orange Spark. The pouches provide a pleasantly sour flavour experience in the mouth and combine the freshness of oranges with a splash of lemon. The product contains 15.6 mg/g nicotine and is a very strong flavour.

VELO Icy Cherry

If you are looking for a fruity alternative to exotic flavours, try Icy Cherry - with the taste of sweet cherries and berries. The pouches contain 14.3 mg/g nicotine and are a strong flavour. They are pouches in the slim size.

VELO Tangled Berry

The fruit category continues with Tangled Berry. This product tastes of a combination of red berries and provides an intense kick. With 14.3 mg/g nicotine, it is a strong variety.

VELO Blushy Berry

For snusers looking for a less intense berry-flavoured product, Blushy Berry is the best choice. It contains 8.6 mg/g nicotine and also tastes of red berries.

VELO Wintery Watermelon

Wintery Watermelon is a normal strength flavour with 11.9 mg/g nicotine. It tastes of sweet watermelon and mint. The mint flavour gives the product a pleasant freshness and enhances the effect. It is available in mini format.

VELO Groovy Grape

Groovy Grape is a strong variety and contains 14.3 mg/g nicotine. It tastes of red grapes and is available in the slim version. 

VELO Twisted Pineapple

Twisted Pineapple offers you an exotic experience. It tastes like a fruit cocktail of fresh pineapple and creamy coconut. This variety has a nicotine content of 14.3 mg/g and is therefore a strong product.

VELO Arctic Grapefruit

Arctic Grapefruit combines the best of grapefruit with fresh mint leaves. It has a nicotine content of 14.3 mg/g and is available as a slim variant.

The new fruity flavours from VELO

You will soon find the variety of new fruity flavours from VELO in our Snushus shop! We will have all varieties on offer and available for you as soon as they are released. So nothing stands in the way of a fruity snus experience!

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