Neue minzig-frische und einzigartige Sorten von VELO

New minty-fresh and unique flavours from VELO

All White Snus is an alternative to the previously known snus with ground tobacco leaves. Instead of tobacco, the nicotine is extracted from the plant beforehand and added to the white pouches made of cellulose fibres. VELO is one of the best-known manufacturers of tobacco-free nicotine pouches and offers snusers an incredibly wide range of different flavours. At VELO, everyone can find the right flavour, whether it's fruity, minty or unusual. As all VELO products meet high quality standards, you can be sure that the pouches provide a unique snus experience. We will introduce you to the new mint and liquorice flavours in more detail and tell you where you can best buy them.

The latest minty and unusual flavours from VELO

Snus has a long tradition in Scandinavia, so it's no surprise that many of the best snus manufacturers come from the far north. VELO is a renowned brand from Sweden that specialises in the production of white snus. Tobacco-free snus has the advantage that it does not discolour your teeth when consumed and also keeps your fingers free from yellowing. In addition, white snus is less dangerous than cigarettes and does not produce foul-smelling smoke that could annoy people around you. The nicotine pouches contain different levels of nicotine, so you will also find mild to very strong varieties at VELO. Mild varieties are recommended for snus beginners. Experienced snusers looking for a good kick can try the strong varieties. Nicotine pouches are consumed in the same way as conventional snus: You simply place one of the pouches under your upper lip and the nicotine effect unfolds in a few moments.

The new flavours from VELO include


  • VELO Lofty Liquorice
  • VELO Mighty Peppermint
  • VELO Peppermint Storm

VELO Lofty Liquorice

If normal flavours are not exciting enough for you, you should definitely try Lofty Liquorice. Scandinavia is known for producing extremely tasty liquorice products and this unique flavour can also be wonderfully combined with snus. With Loft Liquorice, the salty flavour of liquorice meets spicy aniseed and salmiak. This variety has a nicotine content of 14.3 mg/g and is a strong variety. The pouches are offered in slim format.

VELO Mighty Peppermint

In addition to VELO Polar Mint and VELO Mint, there is now another variety with a mint flavour. With the help of mint flavours, the snus experience can be intensified even further. Mint is very popular with snus manufacturers as it gives the product a pleasant freshness. Mighty Peppermight is composed of the best of peppermint with a hint of menthol. The product contains 15.6 mg/g nicotine and is therefore very strong. It is suitable for experienced snusers.

VELO Peppermint Storm

To expand the popular mint series, VELO has decided to add another flavour. Peppermint Storm also has an intense peppermint flavour with a menthol note. The flavour is particularly long-lasting and gives you an indescribable experience. The nicotine content here is also 15.6 mg/g and the pouches are sold in the slim size.

Where can I buy the new flavours from VELO?

At Snushus, we have both new and existing varieties from VELO and snus from many other manufacturers. On our site you will find loose and pre-packed snus as well as a wide variety of nicotine pouches without tobacco and even nicotine-free versions. You also have the option of taking out a non-binding subscription with us. With a subscription, you can have your favourite varieties delivered to your home on a regular basis and benefit from great price advantages. You can even drop by our shop. Snushus has been available at various locations since 2020. There you can choose your products on site and get advice from our friendly staff.

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