Die Wirkung von Nikotin auf den Testosteronspiegel

Here you can find out what effect nicotine has on testosterone levels and how you can keep them constant or even increase them. Find out more now!


The effect of nicotine on testosterone levels

Testosterone is a hormone that performs many important tasks in the body. In addition to the well-known task of expressing male sexual characteristics, testosterone is also responsible for building muscle mass and increasing oxygen uptake in the blood. Unhealthy behaviors such as fatty foods, too little exercise, and smoking can negatively affect testosterone levels.

We want to show you what influence nicotine has on testosterone levels and how you can keep them constant or even increase them. In addition, we will show you how smoke-free alternatives to cigarettes help to remedy testosterone deficiency.

What influence does smoking and nicotine have on testosterone levels?

Low testosterone can lead to some problems, such as a potency disorder. Cigarettes contain numerous toxic chemicals that affect hormone production. Whether the effect of nicotine is really to blame for testosterone deficiency remains unproven. Some studies even show that smokers have higher testosterone levels than non-smokers. It remains unclear whether subjects really developed more male hormones through smoking, or whether an initially high testosterone level in the body motivated the participants in the study to reach for cigarettes.

Others claim that smoking lowers male potency and can even lead to erectile dysfunction. However, it is not only nicotine that is to blame for this, but the property of cigarettes to narrow vessels and cause nerve damage. A narrowing of the vessels reduces blood flow throughout the body, which can lead to impairment of physical processes.

What else can affect testosterone levels?

In addition to cigarette use, there are a number of other factors that affect testosterone levels. Too much daily calorie intake can cause less testosterone to be produced. White sugar can also affect production. Adipose tissue causes the male hormone to be converted into the female hormone estradiol. A waist circumference that is too wide can therefore contribute to the fact that the level drops. Another enemy is cortisol. When the body is under a lot of stress, it begins to produce more cortisol. This influences the testosterone balance and lowers it.

If you want to increase your testosterone naturally as a man, you should start with regular strength training and pay attention to a healthy diet. However, extreme endurance training should be avoided, as the body reacts to this load with higher cortisol production. The intake of healthy fats likewise boosts the production of testosterone. These are mainly found in fish, nuts or avocados. Also important for increasing testosterone are:

  • avoidance of stress
  • restful sleep 
  • a weight reduction
  • a reduction in alcohol consumption

In addition, A doctor should be consulted promptly as soon as health problems due to the testosterone deficiency become apparent.

Can switching to other products help?

Since the influence of nicotine on testosterone is not clearly understood, this question cannot be answered very clearly. What is certain is that tar and other chemicals in cigarettes lead to vasoconstriction, which promotes the development of erectile dysfunction. This can be avoided by switching to smoke-free products.

One of the smoke-free alternatives to cigarettes is snus. When consumed, it is not lit, but merely placed under the upper lip. Snus has different amounts of nicotine and can even be bought nicotine-free . They are ideal for gradually reducing cigarette consumption and using them will not harm those around you as they do not produce unpleasant smoke.

Conclusion – The effect of nicotine on testorone levels

The influence of nicotine on testosterone levels remains unclear, as studies have produced mixed results. However, it can be said with certainty that toxic substances in cigarettes constrict the vessels and negatively affect bodily functions. To avoid this, sufferers should quit smoking or switch to less harmful products such as snus with small amounts of nicotine. Furthermore, exercise, a healthy diet and relaxation help to increase testosterone. Alcohol, sugar, stress and too much fatty tissue alleviate production.

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