Entdecke die neuen würzigen Aromen von VELO

Discover the new spicy flavours from VELO

VELO is a renowned manufacturer from Sweden that specialises in the production of nicotine pouches. The company scores particularly well with its wide variety of different flavours and this variety of flavours is regularly expanded. With VELO Zest Flame, Lime Flame, Zingy Eucalyptus and Zesty Elderflower, four new flavours have been added to ensure an unforgettable experience.

The new spicy flavours from VELO

Snus has a long tradition in Scandinavia and has been consumed there for decades. The products are available in different versions, for example as loose flavours or packaged in compact pouches. There is now even a tobacco-free version known as All White Snus or Nicotine Pouches. Normally, snus is made from ground tobacco leaves; in the tobacco-free version, the nicotine is extracted from the leaves and added to the pouches in the form of salt or as a liquid variant.

VELO is one of the market leaders among manufacturers of nicotine pouches. The company uses only high-quality ingredients to manufacture the pouches and the production steps are strictly monitored. What snusers particularly appreciate about VELO products is the incredibly wide selection of flavours. At VELO, everyone can find whatever flavour they fancy. The new VELO varieties are suitable for consumers who prefer spicy flavours. The snus nicotine content can be intensified with the help of minty or spicy flavours, making the effect even more noticeable. Herbal snus is therefore not for the faint-hearted!

The new spicy VELO snus varieties without tobacco include

  • VELO Zest Flame
  • VELO Lime Flame
  • VELO Zingy Eucalyptus
  • VELO Zesty Elderflower

VELO Zest Flame

Zest Flame offers you a long-lasting citrus flavour. The product is categorised as strong and is suitable for experienced snorters. It has a nicotine content of 14.3 mg/g and provides an intense kick. If you are looking for nicotine pouches with a refreshing effect, you should definitely try Zest Flame. The pouches are available in the slim version and can be easily placed under the upper lip.

VELO Lime Flame

VELO Lime Flame provides an exciting kick. As the name suggests, the nicotine pouches are infused with fresh lime flavours. A hint of jalapeno has been added to the product as a spicy heat to round off the lime flavour. As this variety also has a nicotine content of 14.3 mg/g and is therefore a strong product, it is not suitable for snus beginners.

VELO Zingy Eucalyptus

Those who prefer snus products with refreshing mint flavours should try Zingy Eucalyptus. Here, the best of eucalyptus has been combined with the intense flavour of menthol. The nicotine content of this variety is 15.6 mg/g and belongs to the extra strong category. It is therefore particularly suitable for people who are looking for strong snus varieties without tobacco.

VELO Zesty Elderflower

Anyone looking for a mild variety among the spicy flavours should opt for Zesty Elderflower. The fruity flavour of elderflower is combined with the freshness of lime. The product contains 14.3 mg/g nicotine and is a strong flavour. It is offered in slim format.

How can I take Nicotine Pouches?

Nicotine Pouches can be consumed in the same way as conventional snus products. Take a pouch out of the tin and place it under the side of your upper lip. This is where the effect unfolds and triggers a relaxing feeling. Compared to pouches containing tobacco, you don't have to worry about yellow fingers or discolouration of your teeth with All White Snus. Furthermore, snus products are less harmful than conventional cigarettes as they do not need to be burnt when consumed.

Where can I buy the new VELO varieties?

On our website you will find all the information about the new spicy varieties and of course a large selection of tried and tested VELO flavours. You can also take out a non-binding subscription with us and benefit from price advantages

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