Neues Design - VELO Snus macht Rebranding

Change is coming to the exciting world of VELO! From January 2024, VELO in Europe and Switzerland will be undergoing a fairly fundamental rebranding, which will not only involve a new design, but also product renaming. Look forward to a refreshing turnaround where, for example, VELO Berry Frost will become Icy Berries, VELO Freeze will become Mighty Peppermint, VELO Mint will become VELO Spiffy Spearmint and VELO Ice Cool will become VELO Crispy Peppermint.

Why a rebranding?

In the ever-evolving tobacco industry, it is important to keep up with consumer needs and desires. The rebranding of VELO Snus is a strategic decision aimed at not only presenting a new and more appealing image, but also improving the products themselves and adapting them to changing flavour preferences. The new names Icy Berries, Mighty Peppermint, Spiffy Spearmint and Crispy Peppermint further emphasise the refreshing and powerful nature of the products.

The new design

The revised design of VELO Snus reflects the bold energy and refreshing flavour of the products. The packaging will be more modern, eye-catching and appealing to attract consumers' attention. The clean lines, vibrant colours and innovative design underline the quality and exclusivity of VELO Snus.

The new products

The rebranding goes beyond the visual appearance and also brings some exciting improvements to the products. The Icy Berries will feature an even more intense berry blend, while the Mighty Peppermint combines the classic peppermint flavour with added spice and freshness. Snushus customers can look forward to an even more intense and satisfying flavour experience as we continue to add new products to the range. 

In total, the following product names will be changed:

1. VELO Freeze will become VELO Mighty Peppermint

2) VELO Ice Cool will become VELO Crispy Peppermint

3. the name of VELO Berry Frost becomes VELO Icy Berries

4) VELO Polar Mint / Easy Mint becomes VELO Spiffy Spearmint

5) VELO Tropic Breeze becomes VELO Breezy Mango

6) VELO Royal Purple becomes VELO Groovy Grape

7) VELO Cool Storm becomes VELO Peppermint Storm

8th VELO Mint becomes VELO Witty Spearmint

9th VELO Fresh Jalapeno becomes VELO Lime Flame

10) VELO Ruby Berry becomes VELO Blushy Berry

11) VELO Liquorice becomes VELO Lofty Liquorice

12th VELO Elderflower Spritz becomes VELO Zesty Elderflower

13th VELO Caribbean Spirit becomes VELO Twisted Pineapple

14) VELO Iced Melon Mini becomes VELO Wintery Watermelon Mini

15) VELO Ice Cool Mini becomes VELO Crispy Peppermint Mini

16th VELO Frosty Grapefruit becomes VELO Arctic Grapefruit

17th VELO Eucalyptus becomes VELO Zingy Eucalyptus


The VELO Snus Rebranding 2024 promises not only a new design, but also a refreshing flavour experience. The new names, such as Icy Berries and Mighty Peppermint, awaken anticipation for a more intense and appealing snus experience. Stay tuned for this exciting change and discover the world of VELO Snus in a new light!

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