Oraltabak – Der neue Trend

In recent years, the consumption of oral tobacco, also known as snus, has risen sharply. In countries such as Sweden, the small pouches are now even more popular than cigarettes. As it is a smokeless alternative to smoking, the products are associated with fewer harmful health risks.

We would like to explain to you what the special features of oral tobacco are and what different types there are. We will also show you where you can buy the best oral tobacco products.

What is oral tobacco?

Oral tobacco has a long history in Scandinavia, as the products originally come from the far north. Since the legalization of snus in Switzerland, they have also been readily available in this country and are becoming increasingly popular. The term snus refers to a finely ground tobacco powder that has been mixed with water, salt and various flavors. You can buy the products either as a loose variant or in small pouches made of cellulose. Different snus varieties have a different proportion of water; you can choose between Original Portion, White Portion, White Dry Portion and All White Portion.

The Original Portion is filled loose in cans or pouches and has a higher moisture content. The White Portion is packed in bags, which are slightly drier. With the White Dry Portion, both the contents and the pouch are dry. All White Snus is a special type of snus, as these products are made completely without tobacco. The nicotine is extracted from the plant beforehand and added to the pouches in liquid form or as nicotine salt. They are also known as nicotine pouches.

What makes oral tobacco so special?

Oral tobacco is the smokeless substitute for cigarettes and has fewer health risks. When consumed, the small pouches are simply placed under the upper lip and are not burnt or heated. In addition, the products contain fewer harmful substances and the amount of nicotine varies depending on the manufacturer. Mild snus products have a nicotine value of 3 to 8 mg/g nicotine, while strong varieties can contain over 30 mg/g nicotine.

As nicotine can be addictive, they are not free from health risks. The effect of oral tobacco is similar to that of cigarettes. Many consumers feel relaxed and more concentrated when using it.

You can find these brands and flavors with us

Snushus is your contact for everything to do with snus. We have the most popular snus brands in our range and offer them at affordable prices. You will find oral tobacco in all kinds of flavors, whether you are looking for sweet, spicy or unusual flavors.

We also offer a large selection of tobacco-free snus varieties, such as Velo, White Fox, VID or the Swiss brand edel. We even have nicotine-free snus varieties made with high-quality CBD oil. Popular brands here include

  • Cannadips
  • edel
  • Voon

Of course, we also offer these in different flavors.

Snushus - your first choice for snusing

In addition to reliable delivery and top products, we also have a special subscription for you. With our Snushus subscription, you can have your favorite varieties delivered at regular intervals. You are under no obligation whatsoever, as you can design the subscription yourself and cancel it at any time.

If you are not satisfied with your selection of oral tobacco, you can easily remove or add products. If you live in Switzerland or the surrounding area, you are also welcome to visit our stores and get advice on site!

Conclusion - oral tobacco is becoming increasingly popular

Oral tobacco is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason: the products are less harmful to health than conventional cigarettes and do not disturb those around you as they are not burnt. The products are available in different versions, such as loose or packaged snus. You can choose from a wide range of flavors and there is even nicotine-free or tobacco-free snus.

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