Rauchstopp: Phasen, Tipps & Alternativen

Stopping smoking is a big challenge: especially when it comes to hanging up the cigarette for good. A smoking stop means für the body regeneration and the benefits of not smoking überwiegen clearly.

In this article we want to show you the benefits of quitting smoking and give you tips on how you can prevent weight gain after quitting smoking.

Stop smoking effects


A stop smoking has many positive effects on the body, because the body can be properly supplied with blood again after the last cigarette and gradually break down the harmful substances. Many smokers fühlen themselves already a short time after the smoking stop fitter and more energetic.

Among the benefits include: Lower risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, stroke or bronchitis. Already after three months without cigarette the lung function improves by about 30 percent and also the skin aging is slowed down. 

Already after eight hours without a cigarette, the oxygen transport in the blood improves and the organs can be better supplied. After two days, the sense of taste and smell normalizes. After one year without smoking, the activity of the lungs and the cardiovascular system returns to a normal level. After five years, the risk of heart attack decreases significantly and after ten years, the risk of developing lung cancer is similar to that of a non-smoker.


 Stop smoking phases

To successfully quit smoking, you must first overcome these 7 phases. The first phase is the steady smoking phase, when you are still smoking regularly, and refers to the phase just before you decide to quit smoking. In the Überlegungphase becomes so slowly clear to you that smoking not only negatively affects the health, but also on the psyche, the appearance and the wallet.

In the third phase you then finally make the decision to stop smoking permanently. Do not be deterred by the possible weight gain or withdrawal symptoms, because even these are only temporary and can be overcome quickly with sufficient motivation.

To stop smoking is also really pulled through, you should set a specific date für the last cigarette. The remaining cigarettes should be stored absolutely out of reach or even better: disposed of completely. The first three days after quitting smoking are the most difficult, because the rest of the nicotine is still in the body. Here it can also come to changes in your mood and you feel easily irritated.

The last phase is called the stabilization phase. In this phase you notice the positive körperlichen changes most clearly and especially here is: Do not get rückfällig again!


Stop smoking skin 

Smoking affects our skin enormously and contributes to the fact that we age faster. A smoking stop leads to the fact that our skin gets back the rosy complexion, because the blood circulation is promoted and the skin is better supplied with nutrients. 

In addition, we actually look jächger after smoking, because the chemicals contained in the cigarette attack the collagen network of the skin and make it sag. Many smokers report so-called smoker's spots that form on the face after time. A smoking stop ensures dafür that the skin ages again at a normal pace.

Furthermore, many smokers über dry patches on the skin complain. Smoking can even lead to scaly patches on the skin, which can only be eliminated by stopping smoking. Without a cigarette, the vitamin C content in the skin can also stabilize. This is important für a firm and youthful skin. 

Last but not least, skin diseases can be reduced by stopping smoking. 41 percent of smokers have acne, compared with only 25 percent of nonsmokers. In addition, smoking can trigger a number of inflammatory reactions and promote the formation of skin cancer.


Stop smoking weight gain

Smoking per se does not lead to weight loss. Smokers have, however, a höhener energy conversion than nonsmokers and can thereby faster fats and carbohydrates convert. In addition, nicotine inhibits appetite. When quitting smoking, weight gain is a häufiger companion, especially in people who have also previously already moved too little and wrongly ernährt.


Stop smoking tips: Avoid weight gain

After quitting smoking can be hot hunger attacks and the müssen be satisfied. However, high-calorie foods should be replaced with foods rich in vitamins, fiber and low fat, because these stabilize blood sugar levels.

Divide your meals into several small meals, so that your stomach is consistently in operation. Sporty Tätigkeiten help of course wonderfully to keep the weight stable and improve health.


Snus as an alternative to smoking

With snus, no combustion process takes place, which already eliminates the largest part of the health risks - Swedish studies speak of up to 95%. In addition, the risks of passive smoking are also completely eliminated. If the complete renunciation of tobacco and nicotine is too much at once, snus can be used as a transitional phase: For smoking cessation, you can use snus with different nicotine levels and gradually reduce the amount. Products with nicotine levels üabove 30 mg/g include T45 Cool Mint X-Strong WDP at 38 mg/g or Offroad X WDP at 45 mg/g. Skruf Super White Polar #3 AW, in contrast, contains only 12 mg/g.

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