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If you are looking for snus products with a high nicotine content, Siberia Extremely Strong is the right place. Siberia is known for making spicy nicotine pouches with strong effects that give snusers a decent kick. Siberia Red White Dry Portion Slim is one of the most popular slim varieties from this brand. However, it is also available in Black and Blue varieties as White Dry Portion in the Slim variant, as well as the Original Portion and even the new All White Portion without tobacco.


Slim pouches are very convenient to slide under the upper lip and do not attract attention during consumption. Siberia Slim is one of the most popular formats for snus portions. However, you can also get the Mini, Large and loose snus pouch sizes. They are manufactured by GN Tobacco, based in Sweden, who are also known for other popular snus brands such as Odens, Olde Ving and Islay Whisky. At GN Tobacco, a lot of emphasis is placed on the quality of the ingredients. In addition, the brand stands for impeccable workmanship.


Since the Siberia snus nicotine content is quite a bit higher than other varieties, they should be used by experienced snus users. The nicotine strength is classified as extra strong, making Siberia one of the strongest snus varieties on the market. The Siberia Slim Red products have a refreshing mint flavor, which further emphasize the spiciness of the tobacco.

The White Dry portion contains a comparatively dry content composed of tobacco, water, salt and flavors and is packaged in dry cellulose pouches. Due to the nature of the snus, it hardly runs during use and the shelf life can thus be extended if the product is stored in a dry and cool place.

Siberia Red White Dry Portion - Slim Features at a Glance

  • Nicotine content: 43 mg/g
  • Flavor: Mint
  • Bag per can: 20
  • Tobacco per can: 13 g
  • Bag size: Slim

For all fans of the Siberia Slim series, we also offer the red variety in the 500g box. So you always have a supply of your favorite products at home and benefit from the price advantage.

The advantages of nicotine pouches

Snus long-term effects are less dangerous compared to cigarettes, because the combustion process is absent during consumption. During use, the pouches are activated by saliva alone and the nicotine enters the body through the mucous membrane. Thus, other people are not bothered by the smoke or the smell and you can use your products unnoticed.

Since the nicotine pouches are filled in cans, you can take them everywhere and transport them easily. Snus is available in all possible nicotine strengths, so as a beginner you can also try the mild varieties and be convinced of the taste and effect.

Snus application

The Slim pouches are already portioned and ready for immediate consumption, unlike the loose portion (Lös Snus) where you first have to form the portion yourself with your fingertips. Then you put it under your upper lip and the effect starts in a few seconds. You can leave the pouches under the lip until they lose their taste.

Our Siberia Slim range

As mentioned earlier, the Slim varieties are also available with other flavors and formats. The Black White Dry portion also contains 43 mg/g nicotine and has a smoky tobacco flavor. The Blue White Dry portion tastes like mint and contains 24 mg/g of nicotine. The All White products without tobacco contain 33 mg/g nicotine and also taste like fresh mint.

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