Snus-Wirkung mit Alkohol

At parties, you will often see people smoking while drinking alcohol. Some snusers also hope for a stronger kick by consuming nicotine and alcohol. Since the pouches fit comfortably under the upper lip, they are often not taken out or consumed more at parties. Some snusers even try to soak the pouches in alcohol beforehand.

In this article we want to clarify for you how nicotine together with alcohol affects the body and what you should pay attention to when you drink while snorting. For now, it should be noted: The consumption of nicotine and alcohol is not risk-free and should be enjoyed with caution. We explain why.

How does snus work?

When using snus, either a sachet or loose snus is taken from the tin and placed under the upper lip. The saliva in the mouth moistens the product and the ingredients reach the brain. It is in the brain that the effect of snus on the body unfolds. How strong the effect is depends on the amount taken and the level of nicotine content. Some varieties have a low nicotine content of 4 mg/g, whereas strong varieties reach levels of over 40 mg/g nicotine.

When nicotine enters the brain, a number of processes are triggered. Nicotine causes certain feelings to be suppressed and others to be intensified. Probably the best-known effect of nicotine is the increased release of dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter and activates the reward center in the brain. It is often referred to as the happiness hormone for this reason. In addition, adrenaline is released and consumers feel full of energy.

Nicotine simultaneously suppresses negative feelings such as nervousness and stress. The performance enhancement of snus is one of the reasons why athletes often turn to an oral nicotine product before important competitions.

What are the risks associated with alcohol and the use of snus?

When drinking alcohol, fatigue sets in sooner or later for many. Since nicotine has a stimulating effect, many turn to cigarettes or snus to stay fit longer. Furthermore, snusers hope for a higher dopamine release, however, it has not yet been scientifically proven whether the consumption of snus with alcohol contributes to a stronger or longer lasting feeling of happiness. Nicotine and alcohol have a negative effect on the circulatory system and can cause problems for users.

Those who wish to enjoy snus with beverages should be aware that the pouches or nicotine pouches could also be swallowed. The pouches remain under the upper lip for any length of time, which increases the risk of accidental swallowing with alcohol consumption. Nicotine in the stomach causes abdominal pain, nausea and stomach burning. Swallowing of the pouches should be prevented in any case. If the symptoms do not improve, a doctor must be consulted.

What effects can snus have on alcohol consumption?

The effect of snus in combination with alcohol is not without risk and should be enjoyed with caution. A high dose of nicotine can cause health consequences such as nausea, circulatory problems and dizziness. Alcohol increases the negative effects on the body and this could have dangerous consequences.

Additionally, researchers have found that nicotine impairs the metabolism of alcohol and slows it down. That is, the concentration of alcohol in the blood increases slightly and smokers / snusers drink more than usual as a result. This can also aggravate a possible alcohol dependence. In addition, nicotine and alcohol produce a lot of toxic byproducts that harm the body in the long run.

Conclusion - Responsible consumption is the be-all and end-all

Since the consumption of nicotine and alcohol is associated with risks, snusers should act responsibly when using them. High doses of snus and alcohol are not recommended, as for any substance, because problems such as circulatory disorders and nausea can result. Furthermore, snusers consume more alcohol due to the effect of nicotine, which brings unpleasant long-term consequences. Especially first-time users should not use snus together with alcohol.

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