Snus Sorten: So wählst du die richtige Marke!

Traditionally, snus has only been divided into two categories: loose snus and portion snus. There are now many more varieties on the market, in addition to the original portion there are white portions, white dry portions and even snus products that are completely free from tobacco or nicotine.

As the popularity of snus continues to grow, so does the production of oral tobacco. In this article we want to introduce you to the different types of snus and tell you which types of snus are best for beginners and experienced snus users.

Development from loose snus to portion snus

As early as the 16th century, people in Sweden began to stick tobacco leaves mixed with salt and water under their upper lip and enjoy the taste. In the 19th century, the consumption of snus changed and ground tobacco was used instead of tobacco leaves. First, tobacco plantation farmers started making their own snus using coffee grinders or homemade grinders.

From 1800 to 1900 more and more manufacturers were added producing wet snus and the commercial distribution of loose snus increased. The Ettan Snus brand is one of the oldest and best-known brands of snus and was taken over by Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf in 1822, making it one of the leading brands in Europe.

The rise in popularity of cigarettes after World War II caused snus production to suffer, but snus regained its popularity in the late 1960s when cigarettes were associated with health risks. During the 1970s, snus was packaged and sold in sachets for the first time. This made it easier to consume and widespread use of the product.


Difference between loose snus, Original portion, White portion and White dry portion

Loose snus is the oldest form of snus and is still available today. The name already makes it clear that this type of snus does not require any packaging material and that the portions have to be formed by yourself during use. Loose snus is sold in metal cans and the most popular brands include Ettan, Göteborg's Rapé and General Snus.

With loose snus, the tobacco is damp and the effect occurs very quickly. For people who are looking for an intense kick and want to determine the amount themselves, this type of snus is best.

Original Portion are lightly moistened bags with moist tobacco. Because the product runs more than other types, it looks slightly brown. Here, too, the effect of nicotine sets in particularly quickly and the taste of tobacco is powerful. One of the most popular original portions is Siberia Black -80 OP.

With the White Portion, the bags are moist, but the contents are dry. The aroma and taste experience lasts longer here because the product runs less. With the White Dry Portion, not only is the bag dry, but also the tobacco it contains. Thus, the bags are completely white and the effect only sets in after they have been moistened.


Size of the snus portions

In addition to the different types of snus, the bags are also available in different sizes. Which size is best for you depends on your personal preferences.

Normal / Regular: Normal is the standard size for snus products. The strength of the snus varies depending on the manufacturer

Slim: The slim size is suitable for people who prefer a discreet size.

Mini: Mini is the smallest size among the snus brands. Since there is less tobacco in these pouches, the strength of the nicotine is lower compared to other products.

Strength snus varieties

If you want to divide snus into different categories, the strength of the snus should also be taken into account. That depends not only on the nicotine content, but also on the pH value in the mouth.

Light varieties: Contain around 8-9 mg / g nicotine

Strong varieties: Have more than 11 mg / g nicotine

Extremely strong varieties: More than 22 mg / g nicotine


What is the strongest snus?

Extra strong strains can contain nicotine levels in excess of 40 mg / g. These include, for example, Offroad X WDP with 45 mg / g or Siberia Red -80 Degrees WDP with 43 mg / g.


Which types of snus are suitable for beginners?

Beginners should try the light strains first, as some people may feel sick or dizzy to the strong strains the first time they use them. Among the light varieties, the brands LYFT Snus, Skruf Snus and Velo Snus are particularly popular. For beginners, snus in sachets is better, loose snus should be consumed by experienced snus users.

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