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Snus has a very long tradition in Scandinavia, especially in the country of origin Sweden. There are now over 100 different brands of snus on the market, all of which have specific properties. With so much snus, it's not surprising that some people quickly lose track of things.

That's why we want to give you a comparison of the top snus brands and their nicotine content in this article. If you want to try snus for the first time, or if you are an experienced snus user looking for a new brand, you can get a few ideas here.

Comparison of the top snus brands and their nicotine content

In our list we introduce you to some of the most famous brands and their nicotine content. We also want to look at new snus products that contain no tobacco at all, for example.


0 mg/g up to 20 mg/g nicotine


4 mg/g up to 20 mg/g nicotine


6 mg/g up to 17 mg/g nicotine


7,5 mg/g up to 14 mg/g nicotine


8 mg/g up to 26 mg/g nicotine


8,5 mg/g nicotine


9 mg/g up to 22 mg/g nicotine


20 mg/g up to more than 40 mg/g nicotine


22 mg/g nicotine


Siberia Snus: Siberia Snus is one of the strongest brands of snus. The products contain over 20 mg / g and can even reach values of over 40 mg / g. One of the most popular products is Siberia Red -80 Degrees WDP with a fresh taste of mint.

Ettan Snus: Ettan is the oldest and world-famous snus brand, which has been produced since 1822. Ettan OP Snus has a nicotine content of 8.5 mg / g and it is an original portion.

LYFT Snus: The LYFT brand produces snus that contain no tobacco at all and therefore do not stain your teeth. Although the nicotine pouches are tobacco-free, they still convince with an aromatic taste and a special kick of freshness. LYFT Freeze X-Strong AW is the strongest product with 17.1 mg / g nicotine.

edel Snus: The edel brand is one of the new brands on the snus market and this time does not come from Sweden, but from Switzerland. Edel offers one of the strongest All White variants with edel Cold, which contains 20 mg / g nicotine. In addition, edel also offers a nicotine-free CBD variant.

Oden’s Snus: Odens snus has been known for a long time and is therefore one of the classics among snus products. The nicotine content in Oden’s products is 22 mg / g nicotine. One of the brand's most popular products is Oden’s Cold Extreme WDP.

Thunder Snus: The Thunder brand originally comes from Denmark and offers snus with many, varied flavors. Thunder Frosted WDP Slim contains 22 mg / g nicotine and tastes like fresh mint.

Skruf Snus: Skruf is another Swedish brand that is following the trend of tobacco-free snus products. Skruf Super White Fresh #5 contains 26 mg / g and tastes like mint.

VELO Snus: VELO also offers tobacco-free snus in different flavors. The nicotine pouches are completely white and you can quickly see which aroma it is from the colors on the cans.

General Snus: The General brand, which first started selling snus in 1866, is one of the veterans of snus products. In addition to loose snus, General also offers Original Portion and White Portion, which run less.


How is snus different?

Snus is traditionally made from water, tobacco, flavorings and salt. In order to categorize snus, the following points are particularly examined:

  • Nicotine content (ranging from 0 mg / g to over 40 mg / g)
  • Snus strength (nicotine-free, normal, strong, very strong, extremely strong)
  • Nicotine pouch size (Large, Normal, Slim, Super Slim, Mini)
  • Format (loose snus, original portion, white portion, white dry portion)
  • Flavors (including mint, berries, menthol)

The strength of the snus does not only depend on the nicotine content, but also the moisture and the pH value determine how the effect of nicotine is perceived. The moisture content indicates how quickly the nicotine kick sets in. Moist snus is stronger because the nicotine enters the brain directly through the saliva.

The pH value indicates how much nicotine can be absorbed. The higher the pH, the more nicotine can be absorbed. Last but not least, the aromas can also contribute to how intense we experience the taste.

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