Snus Stärke: Welche Sorten sind die Stärksten?

Snus is an oral tobacco product made from ingredients such as tobacco, salt, water and flavorings and is a smoke-free alternative to cigarettes as there is no combustion process when consumed. Snus is now available in all possible flavors and the nicotine content also varies depending on the brand or product. The strength of the snus does not only depend on the stated nicotine content, as other factors also play a role. We have put together the strongest snus brands for you in this article and tell you what makes snus its true strength.


What does the strength of the snus depend on?

When it comes to snusing, it not only depends on how much nicotine a product contains, but also on the type of snuse and how much saliva you keep in your mouth. In the case of a snus product, it is usually stated how high the nicotine content is, what degree of moisture the product has, the pH value and which flavors were added during production. 
When snuffing, like smoking, not all of the nicotine is absorbed at once, but around 10 to 20 percent. When consuming snus, the snus bag or loose snus is placed under the upper lip and the nicotine is released through the saliva and so snus unfolds its effect on the body. The nicotine content depends on the tobacco blend used, which varies from brand to brand.

In addition, the following applies: the moister the snus, the more nicotine is absorbed when snusing. Loose snus is significantly more humid than other types of snus and therefore contains more nicotine. The pH value also plays a role. The higher the pH, the more nicotine can be absorbed by the body. For this reason, snus should always be kept cool so that the moisture level and pH value remain stable.


True snus strength and perceived snus strength

On many snus cans you will find information such as ‘Extra Strong’, ‘Strong’ or something similar. Products without information are of normal strength. As explained above, the strength of the snus depends on the moisture level, nicotine content, pH value and aroma. It can happen that a product with a low nicotine content falls into the same category as a product that contains more nicotine. 
When choosing your snus product, you shouldn't just look at the nicotine content. If you are looking for a strong product, just trust the information on the can. Beginners should consume high-nicotine snus carefully to avoid nicotine poisoning
In addition, the strength of the snus is influenced by aromas. Menthol, for example, is a flavor that can affect the perceived strength of snus. Fruity varieties soften the spicy taste of tobacco and are perceived as pleasant, especially by first-timers.


Snus strength

As snus becomes more popular, the demand for strong snus also increases. For some time the brand snus Siberia -80 Degrees with 43 mg / g nicotine was considered the strongest brand. In the meantime, however, this has been exceeded. The Swedish company V2 Tobacco has launched products with 45 mg / g nicotine under the brand names Offroad Snus and Thunder Snus. This value is almost twice as high as the nicotine content of conventional snus products and is therefore only suitable for experienced snus users. 
Another product with 45 mg / g nicotine is Soldat Extreme. Since snus is even more widespread in Sweden than cigarettes, the variety of snus products will continue to increase in the future.


The strongest snus varieties at snushus

  1. Thunder X WDP - 45 mg/g nicotine
  2. Offroad X WDP - 45 mg/g nicotine
  3. Soldat Extreme WDP - 45 mg/g nicotine
  4. Siberia Black -80 Degrees OP - 43 mg/g nicotine
  5. Siberia Rot -80 Degrees WDP - 43 mg/g nicotine

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