Rauchen Aufhören: 8 Tipps & Tricks

Quitting smoking is a major challenge, especially for long-time smokers. In addition to the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, smokers also have to convince themselves mentally every day that the benefits of quitting are greater than those of continuing to smoke.

For this reason, we have put together a few tips and tricks for you to make it easier for you to change from a smoker to a non-smoker. Because a smoke-free life not only has a positive effect on health, but also on the psyche, the people around you and of course on your wallet.


Quitting Smoking: 8 Tips [Explained]

Few of them succeed in simply quitting smoking overnight. It's a long and hard process for most, and they have to deal with withdrawal symptoms such as lack of focus and mood swings. For this reason, good preparation can help you successfully complete your smoking cessation process.

If every attempt to hang up the glowing stick has ended unsuccessfully with you, you should try the following tips:


1. Determine a specific point in time

For a successful quit smoking, it is an advantage to choose a fixed date. The day should best be marked in the calendar so that you can always keep it in mind. The best times are when you are less stressed and do not have so much to worry about. Stress and psychological stress have a negative effect on weaning and the risk of relapse is higher.


2. Don't wait too long to quit smoking

As mentioned earlier, it pays to determine a day to stop smoking. Otherwise you just put off smoking cessation and try to find excuses why you couldn't put your resolution into practice.


3. Create distraction

In order to quit smoking, it is important not to think about smoking all the time. For this reason, it is best to find an activity that will help you quit smoking before you quit. It would be even better if you started a new hobby and invested all your free time and energy in it.


4. Do sports

One of the unpleasant side effects of smoking cessation is weight gain. Nicotine helps to reduce our appetite and affects our sense of taste so that we get hungry less often. Those who exercise regularly can not only get rid of the excess pounds faster, but also create a good distraction strategy at the same time.

Furthermore, many people smoke because it gives them a feeling of wellbeing. Exercise also releases happiness hormones that help you improve your mood



5. Find a substitute satisfaction

Instead of reaching for a cigarette, find something else as an alternative. So that weight gain after quitting smoking does not become a problem, you should look for healthy snacks and only reach for sweets every now and then.


6. Avoid tempting situations

Many smokers, especially occasional smokers, allow themselves to be persuaded to smoke again at events such as family celebrations, concerts or bar visits. Try to go to such events with non-smokers and avoid meeting places for smokers. In addition, all smoking utensils should also disappear from view so that one is not even tempted.


7. Prepare for withdrawal symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, restlessness, malaise and others are completely normal after quitting smoking. It is helpful to inform your fellow human beings about your quit smoking so that they know. Keep in mind that the withdrawal symptoms are only temporary and will eventually weaken.


8. Reward yourselves

Quitting smoking saves money at the same time. The savings can then be used as rewards for other things, such as a meal with friends, a new hobby or a vacation.


Snus as an alternative to smoking

Those who cannot stop nicotine immediately should try a gradual withdrawal. Here you can, for example, try snus products with different nicotine proportions. Since there is no combustion process when snuffing, it is healthier than consuming conventional cigarettes.

The proportion of nicotine varies depending on the product, so T45 Green Mint X-Strong has a relatively high nicotine value of 38 mg / g, compared to edel Berry All White only contains 10 mg / g nicotine. If you are looking for a product completely without nicotine, you should try edel CBD Mint.

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