VELO Berry Frost Strong

Looking for a change from the usual mint flavored nicotine pouches? Then you should definitely try VELO Berry Frost! This variety tastes like fruity berries and provides the same effect as other snus products. The nicotine content varies and you can get the variety in four different strengths. Of course, you can also buy the strongest variety VELO Berry Frost Strong at Snushus.

We offer you the popular VELO nicotine pouches with different flavors and different nicotine amounts. VELO are exclusively products that are completely free of tobacco. On our site you can buy VELO and even get regular delivery by subscription.


VELO is manufactured by British American Tobacco in Hungary. BAT is known for diverse All White snus products that do not contain tobacco. The sought-after brands Lyft, Epok and Lundgrens are also produced by BAT. The products are made from plant fibers, fillers, water, nicotine and flavors. The nicotine is added in the form of salt or liquid.

VELO Berry Frost Strong tastes of raspberry, blueberry and blackberry, with a hint of fresh menthol. The Nicotine Pouches contain 15.6 mg/g of nicotine, making them stronger than other products. You can easily tell the strength of the VELO varieties by the marking on the tin. Varieties with high nicotine content are recommended for experienced snus users.

  • Nicotine content: 15.6 mg/g
  • Taste: Fresh berries with mint
  • Pouch per can: 20
  • Pouch size: Slim

VELO Application

White snus is consumed just like other snus products. When you open the can, you will see many white pouches. Take one of these pouches out of the tin and put it under your upper lip. There the effect will unfold within a few minutes and you will feel a pleasant sensation. Nicotine makes your body relax and decreases your nervousness. You can keep them in your mouth until they lose their taste.

The advantages of nicotine pouches

Nicotine pouches are easy to recognize by their color, because both the pouches and the contents are completely white. Thus, your fingers and teeth are spared from yellow discoloration. The products smell pleasantly fresh and since they are not burned, they do not disturb your fellow men. They can be used at any time and are always ready for consumption.

All White Snus also has the advantage of being less harmful than cigarettes. Since cigarettes produce smoke, they contain many toxins that harm the body. Snus long term effects are proven to be less than other smoking and smokeless products. Pouch contents of Nicotine Pouches and the pouches themselves are dry and do not run during use. They also have a longer shelf life than other types of snus.

All the advantages of All White Snus summarized:

  • Good smell and taste
  • Do not produce smoke
  • Do not stain teeth and fingers
  • Hassle free customs clearance
  • Less harmful than other smoke and smokeless products
  • They come in different nicotine strengths
  • Applicable everywhere
  • Do not require spitting

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At Snushus you can find not only VELO Berry Frost Strong, we also carry other popular varieties of the brand. VELO has a range of products with cooling mint like VELO Mint, Ice Cool, Freeze and Winterchill. Likewise, we offer more unusual varieties like Ruby Berry and Tropic Breeze or sometimes limited editions like Gin&Tonic and Amaretto.

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We take care of your regular snus supply with our Snushus subscription! Just choose your favorite flavors and add them to your subscription. With our subscription you have no obligations, because you can cancel it at any time and add or cancel products. There is also no minimum term that you have to adhere to. So you get fresh snus at top prices! We ensure timely delivery and high quality products.

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