Wie lange wirkt Snus?

How long does snus last? What is the effect of snus in general? And what should you keep in mind when consuming it? Here you will find all the answers to these questions!

How long does snus work?

Snus products are now available in very different designs and the popularity of the small pouches is increasing continuously. Compared to cigarettes, snus does not need to be lit when consumed and can therefore be taken anywhere. Since the long-term effects are also less of a concern compared to other tobacco products, the products are even more commonly used than cigarettes in some countries, such as Sweden.

Let's take a look at the effect of snus and find out how long it lasts. In addition, we describe how the snus effect affects the body and what you should consider when consuming it.

What's in snus products?

Snus is traditionally made from ground tobacco and various flavors. The products contain fewer toxins than cigarettes and the nicotine content varies. There are even nicotine pouches that are made without tobacco but with nicotine.

These are often referred to as All White Snus. You can also find pouches without tobacco and without nicotine, whose action is based on cannabidiol. Thus, the effect of snus differs depending on the ingredients.

What effect does snus have on the body?

We first want to investigate the effect of traditional snus on the body. The effect depends on how much snus has been ingested and what degree of strength it is. You can see the strength, i.e. the amount of nicotine, on the lid of the can. Extremely potent strains reach nicotine levels of over 30 mg/g. The small pouches are placed under the upper lip during application and the nicotine is distributed throughout the body. Many users experience a feeling of ecstasy, as is the case with other tobacco-containing substances.

Nicotine ensures that the happiness hormone dopamine is released more intensively. Dopamine suppresses negative feelings such as anxiety, panic or stress. At the same time, snusers feel a sense of relaxation and pleasure as dopamine stimulates the reward system. Since nicotine also ensures that more adrenaline is produced, users feel a sense of motivation and drive. For this reason, snus is often used by athletes .

How long does snus work?

You can keep the bags in your mouth for as long as you like. As a rule, they lose their taste after about 40 minutes, which is why many spit them out after time. How long the effect lasts depends on the amount of nicotine. Usually, strong products can last for 60 minutes, whereas mild products work for about 20 to 30 minutes. We give you an overview of what exactly happens in the body after how many minutes:

  • After a few minutes: The saliva absorbs the active ingredients and transports them to the brain. The heart rate and blood pressure increase.
  • After about 10 minutes: Dopamine is released and snusers feel more relaxed.
  • After about 30 minutes: The amount of nicotine will peak after 30 minutes, but as already described, this depends on the strength of the product.
  • After about 2 hours: The nicotine content drops sharply and withdrawal symptoms such as frustration can set in.

Can you influence the duration of action of snus?

To enhance the flavor of snus, it is best to store the products in a dry and cool place. Humidity and direct sunlight can negatively affect the quality of the product. Snus cannot mold due to the high salt content, but the effect and aroma can be affected. By the way, the strength of the product depends not only on the amount of nicotine, but is also controlled by the pH, aroma and personal sensation. To enhance the effect, many snusers prefer to choose a mint aroma, which provides additional freshness in the mouth.

Conclusion – The duration of action depends on the type of snus

Snus comes in different formats and the ingredients differ depending on the manufacturer. How long the effect of snus lasts in the body depends on how strong the product is and how much of it has been ingested. Snus beginners should start with mild varieties, as nicotine can cause dizziness. Experienced snusers usually keep the pouches in their mouths for 40 to 60 minutes. On average, the effect of nicotine lasts as long as strong products last.


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