Velo Snus Nikotingehalt

Velo snus comes in many varieties and strengths. We would like to explain the Velo Snus nicotine content to you in detail and introduce you to the different products.

Velo Snus Nicotine Content

Velo has been a quality brand among snus products for years, because the nicotine pouches are available with very different flavors. In addition to the high-quality ingredients and careful manufacturing, Velo snus is also known for its wide range in nicotine content. Thus, Velo is not only suitable for experienced snusers, but also for beginners. We would like to explain the Velo Snus nicotine content to you in detail and introduce you to the different products.

What distinguishes Velo snus and what flavors are there?

The term bicycle refers to two popular snus brands, namely EPOK and LYFT . British American Tobacco decided to combine the two products under one name and focus on the tobacco-free version. Thus, the nicotine pouches were created under the name Velo. This is an All White product, as they contain nicotine, but no tobacco . The advantage of All White Snus is that it achieves the same effect as tobacco-containing products without staining your fingers or teeth when consumed. The small bags are completely white on the outside as well as on the inside.

Velo comes in many different flavors. There are products with the popular mint flavor such as Ice Cool, Freeze or Polar Mint or fruity variants such as Tropical Breeze or Ruby Berry. Pungent aromas such as mint, eucalyptus or herbs can increase the perceived snus strength of the product. Velo is always bringing new flavors to the market, and the latest additions include Elderflower Spritz, Caribbean Spirit, Spicy Pineapple and Royal Tea. Snusers can benefit from the variety of aromas and constantly try out new products.

What is the nicotine content?

In addition to the wide range of flavours, Velo also has products with different nicotine content in its range. Tobacco plants contain nicotine and this is used in the snus products during processing. In the case of nicotine pouches, the nicotine is extracted from the plants beforehand and then added to the products. At Velo, the nicotine content is classified into six (previously four) different categories. You can tell how strong a product is by looking at the dots on the lid. In general, the content varies from 4 mg/g nicotine to over 20 mg/g nicotine. We give you an overview of the Velo snus nicotine content:


  • Mild varieties (one point): Easy Mint is one of the mild products. It is offered in the mini version.
  • Mild varieties (two points): Royal Purple is also one of the mild varieties. It has a nicotine content of 6 mg/g.
  • Medium-strong varieties (three points): Ice Cool is one of the medium-strength products with 14 mg/g.
  • Strong varieties (four points): Berry Frost is a potent product with a nicotine content of 15.6 mg/g.
  • Strong strains (five points): X-Freeze Ultra Strong is a powerful product with a long-lasting effect.
  • Extra strong varieties (six points): Max Freeze is an extra strong strain and has a nicotine percentage of 17 mg/g.

Which varieties are suitable for snus beginners?

Snus beginners should take a look at the mild varieties. Too high a nicotine level can lead to unpleasant side effects , such as nausea and dizziness, when used for the first time. Varieties with mint flavours are particularly popular, as they provide extra freshness in the mouth. The kick sets in after a short time and the taste stays in the mouth for a long time. The first application should be done in a safe place (preferably at home).

Conclusion – Velo offers a wide variety of nicotine strengths

Velo is an established brand among snus products and scores with an incredibly high variety of varieties and different nicotine strengths. When it comes to the Velo snus nicotine content, you will find many mild, medium-strong but also extremely strong varieties.

Since these are nicotine pouches without tobacco, you don't have to worry about yellow fingers or teeth. Beginners should try mild strains first, while experienced snusers are welcome to go for stronger strains. The exciting flavours are constantly being expanded and snusers have a large selection of Velo products at their disposal.


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