Wie viel Snus steckt in einer Dose?

Different sized cans of snus can contain a varying number of snus pouches. How much snus is in a can and how does it compare to loose snus? We clarify on what conditions the amount of content depends and how to find the perfect size for your needs.

How much snus are in a can of portioned snus?

On the websites of retailers you can see that most snus cans contain 20 to 24 pouches. This is related to a change in the law in Sweden from July 2019, which stipulated that snus cans must contain at least 20 pouches. Before the change in the law, there were different amounts of pouches depending on the type of snus, usually varying between 16 and 24.


Even the size of the can usually follows the standard size of 70 mm in diameter. Only the height of the can can be adjusted depending on the bag size. But most of the cans have a height of 24mm and follow the standard.

What are the sizes of the bags?

Portionierter Snus wurde das erste Mal in den 70er-Jahren eingeführt und erfreut sich seitdem einer grossen Beliebtheit. Die kompakten Beutel haben den Vorteil, dass man das Snus nicht erst mit den Fingern formen muss und es gleich zum Konsum bereitsteht. Ausserdem lassen sich die Beutel auch leichter transportieren.


The bags are now available to buy in different sizes, which one is best for you depends on your personal preferences. The bags are divided as follows:


  • Normal / large pouches contain 0.9 to 1.1 g of snus
  • Slim pouches contain 0.8 to 0.9 g of snus
  • Super Slim pouches contain 0.5 to 0.6 g of snus
  • Mini pouches contain 0.3 to 0.5 g of snus


Exactly how much snus is in a bag depends on the manufacturer. More snus does not necessarily mean that the effect is stronger. If you want to know more about the snus strength, you should read the information on the tin.


Also cans with slim or mini pouches contain the same number of servings. The can is slightly flatter, which also makes it easier to transport.

How much snus is in a can of loose snus?

With loose snus, snusers must first form the portion themselves with their thumb and forefinger so that they can stick it under their upper lip. If you look at the weight of the snus contained in a can, you will notice that loose snus contains more than the portioned variety.


The portioned snus with 24 pouches comes to a weight of about 20g of snus, but loose snus contains over 40g of snus. The portions that you end up with from the loose snus are similar to the portioned snus. This is related to the snus application.


Loose snus is difficult to form into portions with a weight of 1g and therefore often turn out larger. Ultimately, however, you come out with just as many portions, only that they differ in quantity. For beginners, we recommend the snus bags, so that not too much snus is consumed at once.

Snus content divided by brands

We have listed for you a few of the most popular brands and their bag contents. These include:







Most snus cans contain 20 to 24 pouches and loose snus will also have a similar number of servings. The pouch size ranges from mini to large, which is best for you, you should try yourself. The snus strength does not depend on the bag size, but on various factors, such as the nicotine content, the pH value and the humidity.

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