Snus Anwendung: Richtige Einnahme für optimale Wirkung

When people come into contact with snus for the first time, they are often skeptical. Part of this distrust stems from the uncertainty about the correct use of snus. Even long-term users are often not quite sure whether they are using snus correctly and achieving the maximum effect. That is why in this article we explain how to consume snus safely and correctly.

In addition, we will tell you what different types of snus there are and which types are best for first-time users.


Correct use of snus: loose snus and snus in sachets

Traditionally, snus was initially sold in bulk in the country of origin, Sweden. Ettan is one of the first manufacturers for commercial sales, who have remained true to their recipe for Ettan OP since 1822. Loose snus contains moist tobacco and is often sold in metal cans. The way it is used differs from snus in sachets, which were only introduced later.


How is loose snus properly consumed?

When consuming loose snus, you should first remove a small amount from the can with your thumb and forefinger. For first-time users, it is advisable to divide the portions sparingly so that unpleasant consequences such as nausea or dizziness can be avoided. Then the portion should be shaped into a cylinder in the hand so that it can be placed more easily.

Then you can put the shaped portion under your upper lip. The effect of the tobacco is released through the saliva and the aroma unfolds in the mouth. Since loose snus is tobacco that has already been moistened, the effect sets in very quickly, but does not last as long as dried snus. For a quick nicotine kick, loose snus is ideal.

Incidentally, the juice of the tobacco does not have to be spit out like with other products, but is part of the taste experience.


How is snus consumed in sachets?

In addition to loose snus, you can also choose between the following types of snus: Original Portion, White Portion and White Dry Portion. These differ mainly in the moisture content of the tobacco and the pouch. There are now even snus products such as edel Cold All White, which are completely tobacco-free, but still contain nicotine.

The advantage of the sachet is that the snus contained in it is not spilled when it is consumed and there is no risk of using too much snus. As with loose snus, one of the bags is clamped under the upper lip and the effect starts as soon as the bags are moistened. With the White Dry Portion, the effect starts a little later, but the taste lasts longer.

Duration of use of snus

The duration of use of snus depends on personal preferences and the particular variety. Snus is typically kept in the mouth for 15 minutes to an hour. Loose snus loses its flavor faster than dry tobacco.


Which varieties are suitable for people who are trying snus for the first time?

In the case of snus strength, not only the nicotine content plays an important role, but also the pH value, the aroma and the moisture content. For beginners, we recommend snus in sachets with a mild strength.

With these, there is no risk of using too much snus at once and the effect is gradual. Types with a mild strength are for example LYFT Mint AW or Skruf Super White Polar #3 AW.


Enhance the effect of snus

To ensure that the effect of snus lasts for a long time, it should be stored in a dry and cool place. This ensures that the pH value does not change and that the product stays fresh for a long time. In addition, certain flavors such as menthol and mint can enhance the effect of the tobacco. If snus is consumed in combination with caffeine, the effect is also increased as more adrenaline is released. However, first-time users should avoid this for now.

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