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Nicopods are no longer a rarity in Scandinavian countries, and they are also becoming increasingly popular in other parts of Europe. We'll tell you exactly what's in Nicopods, how you can get your hands on them, and which brands are particularly popular.

What are Nicopods?

Nicopods are often referred to as Nicotine Pouches, All White Portion or Smokeless Tobacco and are small pouches of cellulose fibers containing a white powder. This powder is composed of cellulose as a filler, salt, flavors, stabilizers, and mostly nicotine. The level of nicotine concentration depends on the brand. 

Nicopods are considered to be less harmful cigarette substitutes, as they are completely free of tobacco and other toxic pollutants normally found in cigarettes. Moreover, they are not burned, which releases all the pollutants in the cigarette in the first place. The nicotine enters the pouches either as nicotine salt or is added in liquid form.

What do Nicopods taste like?

You can buy Nicopods in a variety of flavors, the most popular ones include mint, coffee, lime, eucalyptus and berry. Since the products do not contain tobacco, you do not have to worry about yellow fingers from smoking or discoloration of the teeth.

Are nicopods and snus the same thing?

Although at first glance you might think that snus and Nicopods are one and the same product, on closer inspection this is not the case. Although both products are packaged in small pouches, their ingredients are different. 

Snus refers to products that contain mainly ground tobacco. Since Nicopods are free of tobacco, they are different from regular snus products. However, you will more often see the use of the term All White Snus, as the contents of Nicopods are completely white and they look like snus pouches.  Thus, Nicopods are actually a subset of snus - tobacco-free snus!

How are Nicopods taken?

Nicopods are consumed in the same way as snus. Simply take a pouch from the can and place it under your upper lip. The saliva causes the effect to unfold in just a few seconds and triggers a series of reactions in the body. How long you keep the pouch in your mouth depends on your personal preferences.

Where can you buy Nicopods?

In Germany, the sale of Nicopods is still considered illegal, although they are not covered by the Tobacco Products Act. In Switzerland, however, snus products have been legalized in the meantime, which is why the consumption and sale of Nicopods is also completely legal. 

On our site you will find a number of brands that offer nicopods without tobacco. You can decide for yourself which flavor is best for you and which nicotine strength you find appropriate. We have mild to strong varieties in our assortment.

Which brands offer Nicopods?

Not only in snus, but also in nicopods Scandinavian companies are frontrunners. One of the tobacco-free nicotine pouches companies is Velo. The two brands EPOK and Lyft are combined under Velo. Nicotine content varies; mild products such as Velo Polar Mint Easy Mini AW have a nicotine content of 8 mg/g, while Velo Freeze X-Strong contains 22.8 mg/g nicotine. 

Among the somewhat newer snus manufacturers is Kurbits Snus, which also offers nicotine pouches with its VID brand. VID comes in several exciting flavors, such as VID Coffee Caramel AW with 12 mg/g nicotine. 

Après is a Swedish manufacturer known for its variety of flavors in Nicotine Pouches. For example, Après No.5 with Ice Tea Peach flavor and 8 mg/g nicotine. In addition, the company has a high environmental awareness and manufactures packaging and products from pure plant materials. 

Last but not least, we introduce you to a nicopod company from Switzerland. The edelsnus brand not only produces tobacco-free products, but also offers products that contain neither tobacco nor nicotine. If you want to try an original Swiss product, we recommend Edel with herb flavor. This variety contains 25 mg/g nicotine and is not for the faint of heart.

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