Odens White Nikotingehalt: Wie stark ist Odens?

Odens is an established brand on the snus market and very popular among experienced snus users as well as newcomers. The brand originates from Sweden and is manufactured and distributed by GN Tobacco. Odens is known for its high nicotine content and we want to clarify the question: How much nicotine is in Odens? 

In addition, we will give you some useful information about the purchase options and present the best products of the Odens series in more detail. One thing we can tell you in advance: Odens is not for the faint of heart and provides a successful nicotine kick!

What makes the White Dry Portions from Odens?

You can buy Odens blended with different flavors, the brand offers a wide range of flavors. If you look at the products of Odens, you will notice that there are very many products at Odens that have been marked with the word 'Extreme'. 'Extreme' stands for a strong and long-lasting nicotine kick and we explain why. 

Since the Extreme snus varieties are White Dry products, the Odens White nicotine content is felt more strongly than in comparable products. White Dry means that both the pouch contents and the pouch itself are dry and they are less likely to leak or run when consumed. For this reason, you can enjoy the full flavor of this snus variety for a long time.

How much nicotine is in Oden's White Portion?

Oden's White Portion snus usually contains 22mg/g nicotine. However, the snus strength does not depend solely on the nicotine content, because other factors such as the pH value, the flavors or the bag size also play an important role.

Odens snus experience

From various testimonials of the brand, Odens provides a strong kick, similar to products of the brand Siberia, Thunder, Chainsaw or Soldat Extreme. Not without reason, Odens is one of the strongest snus varieties. The spicy taste of the tobacco is very intense and is highlighted by the different flavors. 

With Odens White Cold Extreme WP or Odens Cold Extreme WP, real mint oils are added in addition to the tobacco, which provide a lot of freshness in the snus application. Odens puts incredible emphasis on quality in the production of its snus pouches and this is noticeable in the taste experience.

Buy Odens Snus products online

You want to convince yourself of the Odens White nicotine content? Then you can easily and safely buy the best products of the brand on our site. We offer a wide range of snus products that you can get delivered quickly and without any hassle. 

One of our top products of the Odens brand is Odens Double Mint Extreme WDP. This snus has a sharp taste, as it was provided with peppermint flavors. Those who value freshness in snus taste should definitely try this product.

Odens Snus Original Portion

Odens is offered in addition to the White Portion also as Original Portion. Traditional snusers thus also get their full money's worth. Odens Double Mint Extreme OP has a powerful mint flavor, which is already evident when opening the tin. 

Odens Snus Cold Extreme WDP 500g Box

On our site you can even find something very special: A 500g Odens Cold Extreme WDP box. Again, the Odens White nicotine content is 22 mg/g and you can enjoy the snus for a long time - and still for a cheaper price, so if you would buy the 500g in individual cans. At the same time you do something for the environment! Matching our aluminum cans, so you can always take your snus with you.


Odens offers a varied product range with different flavors and formats. You can buy Odens as White Portion, White Dry Portion or Original Portion and they provide a unique snus experience in any case. 

The Odens White Portion nicotine content remains unchanged in the products and is one of the strongest in the world. The flavor lasts a long time and the smoky aroma of the tobacco comes into its own. Not without reason, Odens is therefore one of the leading snus brands.

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