Snus mit Geschmack

One of the many reasons why snus is becoming more and more popular is the variety of flavors that the products have to offer. Tobacco doesn't always have to have a spicy taste, with the addition of different flavors, the consumption of snus never gets boring and more and more flavors are added. We want to introduce you to flavored snus in more detail and reveal which flavors are the most popular and where you can buy them best.

How snus varieties got their taste

Traditionally, snus was made without any flavors and it tasted like spicy tobacco. In 1866, the Swedish manufacturer General launched a snus variety composed of many different types of tobacco and the addition of bergamot. This type of snus is still made today using the same recipe and remains popular among snus users. 

Those looking for snus with a strong tobacco flavor should stick with the traditional brands. One of these brands includes Ettan and General. For the novel tobacco snus is especially Siberia and Odens known. Especially Siberia Red stands out for its savory smoky flavor, enriched with mint menthol. The novel products are also characterized by a high nicotine content. To emphasize the taste of the tobacco, flavors such as bergamot, licorice, anise or licorice are often chosen.

Snus varieties today

Newer flavored snus varieties include refreshing and fruity flavors. Refreshing flavors include mint, lemon and eucalyptus, while fruity varieties include mango, berries and more. Especially with All White Snus or Nicotine Pouches, there are no limits to the flavor variations. So you can try snus with watermelon flavor or coffee.

What flavors of snus are available?

The range of flavors is limitless and there is something for everyone. We present you the individual categories:

Refreshing snus with mint or menthol

Snus is often provided with mint or menthol, because this not only the taste, but also the tobacco effect is perceived more strongly. Those looking for a particularly fresh mint kick should try White Fox Double Mint.

Lemon flavored snus

Besides the mint, lemon also provides additional freshness and stimulates the taste buds. Lemon rounds off the taste of the tobacco and provides some sweetness. The VID brand offers snus with ginger and lemon, refined with a little honey.

Fruity snus

The list of fruit varieties in snus products is very long and is continuously expanded. Exotic fruits like passion fruit or mango have been part of the assortment for a long time. But also berries, apple or orange flavors are often chosen. How about Apres No.7 with tangerine flavor, for example?

Fancy varieties of snus

In addition to the varieties listed above, there are also coffee-flavored varieties, as already mentioned. There are also unusual varieties with caramel or cola flavor. VID even combines two of these flavors and offers a Coffee-Caramel All White product.

Flavored snus: these varieties are the most popular

The question of the best snus flavor is not easy to answer, because every snuser has different preferences. For experienced snusers, traditional varieties with spicy tobacco are the most popular. Snusers looking for a strong kick should try the products with mint or menthol. 

Those who prefer fruity will have no problems finding suitable varieties. Especially berry flavor is becoming more and more popular, as it perfectly matches the spiciness of the tobacco. Just try the different varieties and choose the flavor that you like best!

Where can I buy flavored snus?

We offer you the most popular flavored snus varieties in different strengths. Within Switzerland, you can order and consume them without hesitation. We have not only traditional snus products, but also fruity varieties, varieties with lemon or new flavors and are striving to permanently expand our product range. We deliver the products confidently and provide a fair price-performance ratio.

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