Darum ist weisser Snus weniger schädlich als der Rest

All White Snus is trendy and more and more people want to try the white nicotine pouches. But what exactly is hidden behind the term All White Snus and what about the health effects? This article is about explaining the difference between All White Snus and other snus varieties. We will take a closer look at the ingredients and explain why white snus is healthier or rather less harmful. In addition, we will give you an overview of the different brands that produce All White Snus and their nicotine content.

White snus vs. traditional snus: what is the difference?

Not all snus is created equal, as there are many different variations of the product. Traditional snus is made from ground leaves of the tobacco plant and is sold either loose (Loose Snus) or in small pouches (Original Portion, White Portion or White Dry Portion). When ingested, one of these pouches or some loose snus is placed under the upper lip. All White snus differs primarily in appearance. Namely, the pouches are completely white and so are the contents. In comparison, the White Dry portion is white, but the content is brown. The All White Portion runs less when consumed, as the contents and pouch are rather dry. The biggest difference between the two products: All White snus is completely tobacco free, while the others contain tobacco.

What exactly is the composition of All White Snus?

As just mentioned, All White Snus does not contain any tobacco. Nevertheless, they do contain nicotine, which is added in the form of salt or as a liquid substance. Otherwise, they consist mainly of starch, flavors and plant fibers or cellulose. The nicotine strength depends on the variety or how much nicotine is added in the blend. The All White Snus effect on the body and mind, is exactly the same as traditional snus. Both contain nicotine, which triggers the well-known effects in the brain, such as relaxation and reduction of nervousness.

Nicotine Pouches effect: How strong is white snus?

You can buy white snus not only in different flavors, but it is also available as a mild, strong or extremely strong variant. You can buy white snus on our site from various manufacturers, such as Velo and get reliably delivered.

Mild All White Snus

Among the mild varieties is Après No.2 Mint with a nicotine content of 8 mg/g. The taste of fresh mint lasts long and offers you a unique freshness. Velo Berry Frost Mini AW also belongs to the mild varieties. Here you get to feel the taste of berries clearly and the nicotine content is 9 mg/g.

Strong All White Snus

Those looking for nicotine pouches with a higher nicotine content will also find it here. edelsnus Cold, for example, contains 20 mg/g nicotine and tastes like mint - menthol. Another strong all white product is VID arctic blast. This variety also has 20 mg/g nicotine and tastes like fresh mint.

Extremely strong All White Snus

For a particularly strong kick, products with a nicotine content above 20 mg/g are suitable. These include La Fruteria Grape Mint with 30 mg/g nicotine. edelsnus ONYX contains 25 mg/g nicotine and the flavor is mountain herbs and eucalyptus.

Conclusion: This is why All White Snus is healthier or less harmful than cigarettes

All White Snus is tobacco free and will not stain your teeth and fingers. All White Snus is less harmful than cigarettes, because the combustion is completely eliminated and thus quite a few pollutants are not created at all, which arise in ordinary cigarettes just by this combustion. The Nicotine Pouches are not lit when consumed and therefore it does not release toxic fumes.

Another advantage: the products do not smell of tobacco. So you don't have to worry about unpleasant breath. You can buy Nicotine Pouches in many different strengths and flavors.

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