Snus selber machen ohne Tabak: Geht das?

Snus without tobacco is gaining more and more popularity and the range of tobacco-free snus is continuously increasing. Snus with tobacco can also be made at home, for all curious people who have always wanted to try their own variety. We want to clarify the question whether you can also make snus without tobacco yourself at home or whether it is more advisable to order the products.

What is snus without tobacco?


Snus without tobacco is often called All White Snus, Nicopods or Nicotine Pouches. The name All White Snus comes from the color of the pouches. Unlike the Dry Portion or Original Portion, the tobacco-free snus is completely white and usually rather dry both inside and out. They run only a little when consumed. 

Snus without tobacco has the advantage that even after years of use, teeth and fingers do not turn yellow. Since the products still contain nicotine, they trigger exactly the same effect as products with tobacco. When consumed, the pouch is placed under the upper lip and the nicotine passes through the mucous membranes into the bloodstream. In the brain, it can trigger a feeling of rest and relaxation. 


Make snus yourself without tobacco: Here lies the problem

Tobacco-containing snus can be made at home with the right ingredients. You will need raw tobacco, glycerin, salt and sodium carbonate. You can grow the tobacco plant yourself, as it is relatively difficult to buy untreated tobacco in the store. In addition, you can buy flavors that you can add as you wish. 

Snus without tobacco is difficult to make at home. Normally, the nicotine is extracted from the tobacco plant in an elaborate process and added to the snus pouches either in liquid form or in the form of salt. To do this yourself requires some chemical knowledge and equipment. It is therefore advisable to leave the production to the experts.  

Can tea bags be used to make snus?

After you have mixed, heated, sufficiently stored and flavored your snus mixture, you can start packing the portions. In fact, tea bags are suitable for portioning snus, as regular snus bags are made from the same plant fibers. You can also buy snus bags from different retailers. 

If your favorite snus is a loose portion, you can buy a Prismaster, which makes it easier to portion the pinches. The snus is put into the Prismaster and pushed under the upper lip, where it is then pushed out again.  

How dangerous is snus without tobacco?

Snus has significantly lower long-term consequences than ordinary cigarettes, because especially when burning the tobacco many toxins are produced, which are not present in snus. A study from the Harm Reduction Journal 16 proves that snus has a significantly lower risk of developing lung cancer or other cardiovascular diseases. 

Snus without tobacco is therefore also much less harmful to health than cigarettes. Carbon monoxide, one of the components of the cigarette, does not occur in these products. However, since snus without tobacco still contain nicotine, it can be addictive. For smokers, both snus and snus without tobacco are the perfect alternative to cigarettes.

What brands make snus without tobacco?

All White Snus is offered by many manufacturers and can be purchased in various flavors. Popular brands include edelsnus, Velo, Apres, Skruf, ViD or White Fox. In Switzerland, you can also try snus from the edelsnus brand, which also produces tobacco-free snus. This is available in exciting flavors such as Melon or Berry. The nicotine content varies depending on the product and can have either a high, medium or low nicotine content.

Conclusion: Trust the professional for snus without tobacco

Making snus yourself without tobacco is an extremely challenging task and is best left to the specialists. Since there are now enough brands that offer snus without tobacco with different flavors, this is not a cause for concern. It's best to save yourself the trouble and simply order it online from a retailer you trust.

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