Supreme Snus – Extrem Starker Snus

Looking for extreme, strong snus? Then Supreme Snus is just the thing for you! It's better not to order Supreme Snus now!

Supreme Snus

Supreme Snus is a special type of smokeless product that contains extremely high amounts of nicotine and should not be consumed by first-time users under any circumstances – and should not be avoided in any other way, as the safety of these products cannot be guaranteed. They are available in different flavours and the range is constantly being expanded. Supreme is best known for very sweet varieties such as gummy bears or chewing gum, but they are also available with mint or fruit flavors.

What makes Supreme Snus so dangerous?

For people who are looking for an extremely strong nicotine kick, Supreme's products may be suitable. With over 100 mg/g nicotine, the Nicopods are among the strongest snus varieties in the world and therefore have no place in our range. In comparison, extremely strong strains such as Siberia Snus already have a nicotine content of 45 mg/g. Supreme Snus is not actually recommended for consumption by anyone for this reason. Even snusers who have been consuming snus or nicopods for quite some time should be aware that the amounts of nicotine are significantly higher than with other products.

Supreme Snus belongs to the variety All White Snus . Compared to other types of snus, this type of product does not contain ground tobacco. The nicotine is added to the small pouches of plant fibers in liquid form or as nicotine salt. For consumers, this means that they don't have to worry about discoloring their fingers or teeth.

Since nicopods are not lit during use, there is no smoke. So you don't bother your fellow human beings with foul-smelling smoke and the danger of passive smoking is completely eliminated.

What Supreme Snus products do we offer?

You can't buy varieties of Supreme Snus from us, as we don't want to support such overly strong products. Supreme has a very wide range of products and new flavors are constantly being added, such as...

  • Mint Lime
  • Passion Fruit 
  • Gummy bears
  • Summer Blast
  • Watermelon Chewing Gum
  • Currant
  • Banana Milkshake
  • Fruit juice


... but that doesn't change our fundamental decision: we won't sell Supreme Snus.

How to take Supreme Snus?

Nicopods are consumed in the same way as conventional snus . Simply remove a bag from the can and place it on the side under your upper lip. The effect of nicotine quickly passes into the body and you feel a relaxing and at the same time activating feeling. Since the products are very handy, you can take them with you everywhere. How long you keep the pouches in your mouth depends on your personal preferences. The application is extremely unobtrusive and does not disturb those around you. That's why snus and nicopods have long been more popular and widespread than cigarettes in Sweden.

Can I order Supreme Snus with a Snushus subscription?

You can put together your Snushus subscription individually with your favorite products. You can also set the period between your deliveries. This ensures that you always have fresh snus on site. With our subscription, you don't have any obligations and you can change or cancel it at any time. Of course, you can't order Supreme Snus with a subscription either, but you can try a lot of other, safer products.

What other strong strains does Snushus offer?

In addition to Supreme Snus, we also have a number of other strains that are very strong and will give you a good kick. These include the products from edel, which have also created strong products with the 20mg/g of the COLD and the 25mg/g of ONYX and their nicotine technology. Among the All White products, there are also VALE Freezing Mint and VALE Frosted Berry, for example.

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