Nikotin entfernen – So geht’s

We explain which home remedies are really suitable for nicotine removal and show how you can avoid the annoying stains from the beginning.


How to remove nicotine

Anyone who has been smoking for years will know the annoying problem of nicotine deposits on furniture and other objects. The stains not only look unpleasant, but can also leave a foul smell in the room.

To avoid a complete renovation of the apartment, we want to give you a few tips on how to remove nicotine. We explain which home remedies are really suitable for nicotine removal and show how you can avoid the annoying stains from the start.

Why does nicotine cause stains?

Two substances are mainly responsible for the brownish discoloration on furniture: tar and nicotine . If the cigarette is lit while smoking, the smoke spreads throughout the apartment and lands on all kinds of surfaces. Although nicotine is initially a transparent liquid, it also turns brown over time when exposed to air. As a result, not only stains appear on the furniture, but walls and floors are also affected. Removing these stains is a tedious task, because both tar and nicotine are oily to viscous substances that are difficult to get out.

By the way, not only objects are affected by the discoloration, they also show up on the skin. They become visible most quickly under the fingernails and teeth. Yellow fingers after smoking are not dangerous, but they don't look particularly hygienic. Tar also settles on facial hair and can turn it brownish. Unfortunately, you can't get rid of smoker's teeth with brushing your teeth alone, because the reason for the stubborn deposits is not only tar. When smoking, the mouth dries out a lot and causes bacteria and plaque to accumulate more frequently.

How to remove nicotine?

As mentioned earlier, removing tar and nicotine is a challenge because the substances cannot be easily dissolved by water. Tar stains can be treated either with alkaline agents or acids. In addition to a range of chemical products, you can also choose from home remedies that can be used to remove nicotine.

Chemical cleaning agents against nicotine

You can use leachers on metal and wood surfaces. This is a special cleaner that leaves surfaces grease-free and clean. The solution can be applied to the surface with a brush or sponge and then thoroughly wiped off with clean water.

Another option is ammonia, which is usually used in the kitchen and bathroom to combat limescale. It can also be used on stainless steel surfaces without hesitation and is also suitable for cleaning joints. Trisodium phosphate helps remove nicotine from the walls. Ceramics and glass are best wiped down with glass cleaners.

Home remedies for nicotine

For health reasons and to protect the environment, many people refrain from using chemical cleaners. The good news is that there are also many home remedies that can be used as nicotine removers.

One of these remedies is vinegar water, which can be used to treat furniture surfaces. Baking soda is also widely used to clean tiles, doors, and other smooth surfaces. If you want to remove nicotine from walls with home remedies, you can buy dry sponges at the hardware store.

How to avoid nicotine stains in the home altogether?

The best alternative to cigarettes are smoke-free products such as snus. These are not burned during consumption and therefore do not settle on furniture. At Snushus you will find a large selection of traditional and modern snuss varieties. You can choose between the following products:

  • Loose snus
  • White Portion
  • White Dry Portion
  • All White Snus
  • Snus without nicotine

Conclusion – Removing nicotine is time-consuming, why not choose an alternative to smoking?

Nicotine can be removed either by chemical substances or home remedies. Since nicotine and tar have an oily consistency, cleaning is time-consuming and in many cases very costly. Even on the skin, tar and nicotine can leave stains that not only look unpleasant, but also smell bad.

To avoid stains in your home, you should also switch to smoke-free products. For example, instead of cigarettes, you can buy snus, which is also made with tobacco.

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