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In Scandinavia, especially in Norway and Sweden, snus has a very long tradition. In the meantime, the product is also becoming increasingly popular and valued in other EU countries as a smoke-free alternative to cigarettes. So what exactly is snus and what does snus contain?

An oral tobacco product is called snus, the first recipes for snus go back to the 18th century. The oldest snus brand is Ettan Snus, which was founded in Sweden in 1822. Snus can be bought either loose or in sachets. When consumed, snus is placed under the upper lip and the nicotine contained in snus is released through the saliva.


What does snus contain?

Snus is available with different levels of nicotine and in many different flavors. Basically, it consists of tobacco, water, salt, and flavorings. The production of snus begins with the sowing of the tobacco seeds, which are harvested when they are sufficiently ripe and then dried.

Since tobacco naturally contains nicotine, it is naturally also present in snus. The nicotine content varies, however, products like Siberia Red -80 Degrees WDP have a particularly high content of 43 mg / g while other products like Oden’s Cold Extreme contain 22 mg / g nicotine.

The dried leaves are sent to factories where the shredding process begins. Salt and water are then added in the mixer. Salt is not only used to improve the taste, it also helps in the preservation of snus. The tobacco is then heated to make snus more durable. After cooling, other ingredients such as flavors are added.

Last but not least, snus is packaged in sachets or bottled loosely in cans. The bags are made of cellulose fibers and are therefore biodegradable. After filling, the product comes to maturity in a cold store and then leaves the factory.


Snus effect

One of the main ingredients in snus is tobacco and it contains nicotine. When snus is consumed, it is absorbed through the saliva and ends up in our bloodstream and finally in the brain. Various physiological reactions are triggered there. If you want to know more about how snus works exactly on the body, you will find all the important details summarized on our blog.

The substance dopamine is responsible in our body for making us feel more relaxed and for suppressing negative feelings such as insecurity, stress and nervousness. At the same time, the body is stimulated to release more adrenaline, so our pulse and blood pressure increase. For this reason, snus is often consumed by athletes who want to reduce their nervousness and at the same time need an energy boost.


What is more harmful: Snus or cigarettes

When consuming snus, there is no combustion process and thus the other pollutants that otherwise arise from smoking are also eliminated. Snus is therefore considered to be less of a health concern. At the same time, the risk of passive smoking is eliminated, as there is no smoke whatsoever and the environment is less polluted.

Snus is particularly suitable for people who want to quit smoking. The nicotine content can be reduced step by step with snus and there is less risk of having to deal with withdrawal symptoms. Snus products are even available completely without nicotine, such as edel CBD Mint.


How is snus used?

When consuming snus, the sachet or loose snus is placed under the upper lip. How long you keep the snus under your upper lip depends on your preferences. The bags dissolve completely in the mouth and do not have to be spat out. The nicotine is gradually released and takes effect.


Snus side effect

Like any other tobacco product, snus should be consumed in moderation. People who have snuffed too much or who are using snus for the first time may experience symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, headache or vomiting.

Snus and gums: Consuming snus for years can have negative effects on the gums if there is a lack of oral hygiene. In the worst case, the gums will retract and gum pockets develop into which bacteria can penetrate more quickly. So make sure you have good oral hygiene before and after snuffing.

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