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Snus is usually made from ground tobacco, but there are now also products that have the same effect as snus, but are completely tobacco-free. You can order these white snus products in different varieties and nicotine strengths. We present you the most popular brands.

What is white snus?

From the outside, white snus looks very similar to normal snus, but both the content and the pouch is completely white. In the sachets, instead of tobacco, there is a white powder that has been mixed with flavors and nicotine. The nicotine here is added in the form of salt or in liquid form. 

The nicotine strength of white snus depends on the particular variety. Mild varieties contain about 5 to 9 mg/g nicotine, while strong brands have a nicotine content of 20 to 30 mg/g. White snus can be enjoyed in many different flavors, such as licorice, coffee or the fresh taste of fruits.

Other names for white snus?

You will often find white snus under the name All White Snus. The products are also called Nicotine Pouches or Nicopods to differentiate them more from traditional snus. White snus has the same effect as traditional snus, because both contain nicotine and this triggers relaxing feelings in the body and mind.

How to take white snus?

White snus is consumed in the same way as other snus products. However, white snus is not available in loose form, but only in convenient sachets. When using snus, you simply place one of the sachets under your upper lip and leave it there until it loses its effect or taste. White snus has the advantage that it does not run so much compared to other snus varieties and the taste lasts a long time.

Is All White snus more harmful or healthier than regular snus?

When it comes to the question of the harmfulness of white snus, it can be said quite clearly: White snus is less harmful than other snus and especially tobacco products such as e-cigarettes and cigarettes. Cigarettes contain many harmful substances that are released through combustion and enter the lungs. Since white snus is free of tobacco, you don't have to worry about the harmful substances either - since it is also not burned, the more harmful substances are not created at all. However, it does contain nicotine and this can be addictive. 

Other advantages of white snus compared to conventional snus are the smell and color. White snus does not smell of tobacco, but of pleasant aromas. In addition, it does not discolor your fingers or teeth when consumed, and it does not stress your lungs. Also, your environment hardly notices when you consume snus, because they do not notice any annoying secondhand smoke.

Buy white snus: These brands can be trusted

We carry the most popular All White snus brands on our site. You will find a rich selection of different flavors and strengths.


Edelsnus is a Swiss brand that produces white snus. The nicotine strength varies depending on the product and you can get it in flavors like melon, mint and lychee. Edelsnus CBD Mint is even tobacco-free and nicotine-free.


Après belongs to one of the newer brands. They produce white snus in exciting flavors like Ice Tea Peach, Cola or Cactus Lime.

White Fox

White Fox is manufactured by GN Tobacco Sweden and offers white snus in different strengths and flavors.


Kurbitis Snus introduces VID, its new all-white snus brand. VID is available in fancy flavors like Ginger Lemon, Coffee Caramel or Racing Raspberry.


Skruf has a long tradition in Scandinavia and has been known for high quality products for years. Skruf has a range of All White products called Super White, recently they are also sold under the name Zone-X.


Velo also originated in Sweden and offers All White products in different versions. Previously, the products were called EPOK and LYFT. Particularly popular with snusers are the many mint flavors that Velo offers.

La Fruteria

La Fruteria produces white snus with a high nicotine content of 25 to 30 mg/g. The brand is so far available in two flavors, Grape Mint and Orange Jizz.


G4 is the name of the fourth generation of General snus. For some years now, General has also been producing All White snus varieties, which you can find under the name G4.


Zyn is manufactured by Swedish Match and has several All White products on offer. The varieties include Espressino, Cool Mint and Citrus.

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